Rumour out of the Peg

As reported on 900 CHML this morning by Rick Zamperin;

Maas and Holmes to Saskatchewan for Joseph and Armstead.

Make that trade in a minute - Joseph is a warrior :rockin:

Good send Maas West so he can play where he really wants to play and be closer to his family. He is only in steeltown for the paycheque and the experience of being a starter his heart is not here. As for Holmes thats ok we have Jesse who is getting better every down! Joseph I think would be better fit for us in the long run and he might actually love steeltown and its people like Danny Mac did.

Playing here ,living here year round and getting involved with the community.Thats the type of QB I want! A leader on and off the field. :thup:

Rumour out of Winnipeg is that there are too many rumours out of Winnipeg! :wink:

The re-acquisition of Holmes aside, why would the Riders want Maas based on his performance in 2006?

For the record, I think Maas can rebound with the right system in place and a far more consistent O-line. Having said that, why would Tillman trade a "warrior" and a QB he is familiar/comfortable with?

Oski Wee Wee,

The reason Riders would trade QB Joseph is he didn't play well in the Western final IMO.

He ran alot when in doubt ,not bad ,just not really a winning dominant QB who gets the ball to the recievers rather than tucking it and running.
I could see this trade happening though.

Also he's banged up every year,so one injured QB for another ,maybe the chemistry is better for both,especially the fan/player chemistry.
I'd pull the trigger on it... :cowboy:

Heh, I think the real question is why would Sask give up Armstead?


If SSK makes this trade it means they think Maas is or is going to be healthy and be their starter. S o why trade Maas then? He's just as much a "warrior" as Joseph, has accomplished more, and Joseph isnt exactly injury proof either.
Holmes is vastly more versatile than Armstead, Holmes is a player you build around.

A bad trade.

Holmes is 30 years old, not getting any younger, and durability is an issue. Sorry, I think we’d be stupid to not trade Holmes straight up for a top-tier WR. Especially since the WR is something we so desperately need!

Fast WRs are ten a penny, good scouting can find one alot cheaper than what Armstead would want.
Holmes is a much more usefull weapon.

Rumours are great!...Love 'Em!

But, shouldn't there be a new head coach, OC and DC first so we can at least get some input at what kind of offensive, defensive players we might want to trade for?

...just thinking out loud

Chemistry on O was a huge problem last year, and if we make this trade, it will be the same story again.

Until we find out who the next head coach is, a lot of this speculation will be moot. I am sure Desjardins will want to install a coach with whom he will be able to have significant input re roster moves. Having a guy in place with a definable staff and systems (offensive and defensive) will make such ruminations more relevant. Otherwise, it's a lot of whizzing into fans by fans. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Who said the trade was going to be made today?

Who said that I was assuming it would be? :wink:

I think the head coach vacancy/search is going to weigh heavily into the speed of roster moves from here on in, regardless of whether Desjardins has a guy in tow right now or not. The best course of action for Marcel is to ensure he gets the coaching situation stabilized, then get the new head coach's input re any QB/HB/other major roster moves.

It is day one of the off-season after all. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

the only way it makes sense is if its SMS related.... and even then, renegotiating contracts is easier than shipping away your problems.

I heard a rumour the Flutie brothers are coming out of retirment for the Cats, Osbaldistan is replacing Boreham, and Stripes and TC are headed to Winnipeg for those goofy looking birds. :wink:

Lots of rumour talk out here in Winterpeg, Manitscolda, however it's mostly just BS and booze talking!

I'll believe the trade talk when I see it! :lol:

Had a great time out here...people were great, one more night and back home Tuesday!

Thank You were Great Hosts! :thup: :thup:


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Yeah, I guess that's why our receiving corps are mediocre right now.

This just in: BC trades Geroy Simon, Paris Jackson and Rob Murhpy to Hamilton for a bag of balls and Mike Morreale