Rumour - Norwood released

Matthew Scianitti
Hearing from #CFL sources the #Ticats have released DE Eric Norwood

TSN has the story up on the front page now. Seems like it's confirmed.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have released veteran defensive end Eric Norwood, according to CFL sources.

The 27-year-old Norwood played three seasons in Hamilton, playing in 42 games and an East Division all-star in 2014 when he finished the season tied for second in the CFL in quarterback sacks with 13.

But Norwood battled injuries last season, playing in just 10 games, and suffered a knee injury in the East semi-final win over Toronto.

Looks like his knee is not responding to treatment. Too bad. He was one of my favourites. Cap space on a player who may be done? It's a tough business

Gives him time to heal properly through the year and gives him a fresh start for 2017. Best of luck to him!

there were a couple beasts at DE at mini camp

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Norwood would have been 6 gamed most likely to start the season so he wouldn't have counted against the Cap. There's more to this story then meets the eye , maybe as you say his knee is shot and much worse than they originally thought . It's a shame really if this is the case as Norwood was just coming into his own as one of the most dominant ends in the league when healthy. It's crazy when you think that outside of Teddy our entire D-Line will be almost a total rebuild from last years version . Hickman,Hall,Bulcke all gone to T.O. Nadon in Ottawa , Hazime in Saskatchewan and now Norwood released. It's a crazy business sometimes this thing called Football. Hopefully Drew can get an answer out of Austin as to why this move was/had to be made and what our D-Line might look like this season outside of Teddy of course.

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This move suggests to me that the Cats really like what they see from Adrian Tracy, as well as some of the new rookie DE talent that participated in Hamilton's mini-camp.

Norwood is a good player, and will find work elsewhere when he heals up.

Here is a further follow up from Drew E about the release of Norwood. From what it says in the story among other things are that it was strictly a business decision…that Norwood’s rehab is coming along fine…4 or 5 teams are already interested in signing him…he was planning on heading to FA after this season anyway…he has also left the door open for a possible return to the team at a later date and that he left on good terms with no bridges burned between Austin and himself or the organization.

Here is the link to Drew E follow up at 3DownNation :

While he's, unfortunately, gone from the team, at least for now, Eric Norwood's last few words to the Hamilton media leave me with as impressive an image as his play in a TiCat uniform:

"I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Hamilton, nothing but great things to say about Kent,? he said, sounding very much like he meant it. “I appreciate everything they’ve done for me and I love the city of Hamilton. Everybody was good to me.?

I feel better now.

Could one of the reasons be why Norwood was released is because we have signed Zack Anderson , who was cut by Winnipeg . Tweets may suggest such.

Zach says he’s coming. However, he played DT in the 'peg, while Norwood was DE here.

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Zach Anderson ?@ZachAnderson44 2h2 hours ago Winnipeg, Manitoba
Excited to be continuing my career in Hamilton. Great people, great organization! #TiCats
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UPDATE: As per @TSNScianitti, DE Eric Norwood is set to sign with the Saskatchewan Roughriders #CFL

If true the Riders already have two studs at DE in Lemon and Cappicotti , so I'm not to sure where exactly Norwood would fit in the grand scheme of things when finally healthy in the picture in Saskatchewan. Norwood is a definite starter and I can't see him being used on a rotational basis with Lemon and the Riders are committed to starting a Canadian in Cappicotti at the other End position. Interesting signing and team to say the least if Scianitti's tweet rings true. At least he hasn't followed suit like the three turncoats and signed with the Blue team down the road.

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Eric Norwood ?@ENorwood40 43m43 minutes ago
Quick flight to Saskatchewan for a few days

CFL News ?@CFL_News 38m38 minutes ago
.@ENorwood40 told @scratchingpost just days ago that his doctor says he'll be ready in July or August. #CFL #Riders #Ticats

CFL News ?@CFL_News 36m36 minutes ago
Norwood was entering final season of contract & was to earn in neighbourhood of $90K when #Ticats released him. #CFL via @scratchingpost

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 2m2 minutes ago
Hearing Eric Norwood's impending #Riders deal is for 1 year. Norwood might miss some early games, but Sask is pleased with his knee #CFL

1 year deal :thup:
Play 9 games platooning with Riders, miss the playoffs and then sign back with the TiCats next year. :rockin:

The following is copied, and edited down to just notes regarding Eric Norwood, from

Just over 24 hours prior to the 2016 CFL Draft, Roughriders Coach & GM Chris Jones fielded questions from reporters on Monday. Here are some notes from the gathering:

  • Reports of the Riders signing DE Eric Norwood are "premature".

  • Regarding the Ticats releasing Norwood last week while he's injured, Jones said you'll have to ask the Ticats about that. In the quote was, "You can ask Tillman and those guys over in Hamilton the legalities on that. I have enough to worry about over here."

  • The Ticats have since informed me they broke no CBA rules by releasing Norwood.

Tillman is irritating Jones, I like it! :thup:
I guess we won't be moving up to the #1 pick in the draft now. :wink:

Norwood is coming off the same surgery as Collaros, only Norwood is 2 months later
If we are counting on Zach to return in Aug., Norwood would not be returning until late Sept. early OCT.
Average recovery is 10 months