Rumour - Kerry Joseph trade in the works?

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According to the Leaderpost Tillman is on the Verge of trading Kerry Joseph to the Toronto Argonauts, just a rumour so far but if this happens it would be a blockbuster trade.

Bishop probably isn't too happy about this if this is true. Yikes.

very interesting. Not sure if I like it or not. hmmmmm

Bishop is one of the names that was thrown around as a possible guy in the trade along with Orlando Steinhauer

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Sounds like it is definately going to happen. IMO.

Oh well. Embrace the madness.

also on

I am not even sure who I would even want from Toronto

but defenitly not bishop

if kerry joseph goes to toronto, HOLY SHIT, ill be one happy ontario football fan.

i get to see printers AND joseph live all season long!!!

The rumours on newstalk radio also have Byron Parker and Arland Bruce's names being thrown into the mix as possibly being part of the deal.

Like you said Thryllin the madness is on its way if this deal goes down.

Byron parker and arland bruce?.....WTF.

no miles, bruce, younger or parker?!?!...way to commit suicide there, argos.

That is merely a few of the names that are being thrown around on various radio stations in Regina so I wouldn't get too worked up until a deal is actually done, seems that either way a trade with Joseph is gonna happen based on all the talk on, the leaderpost, etc.

The Argos have called a significant player press conference for tomorrow so it appears this deal is done.

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wooot i like this, although Joseph is a great quarterback he isnt my favorite, and the potential players we could get out of this make its a great deal. However i really hope we get someone besides arland Bruce, we really don’t need him,i mean hes a great reciever but we got depth at the postion and we could get someone far more of use to us.

Has Kerry given up on NFL already? How can they trade a player still trying to catch on in the NFL. I must have missed something. I would quess that any trade would depend on his return, or would argos be dumb enough to gamble on it???

IF he is traded I would hope we get Parker and Bruce. I don't know what to make of this if it is true. KJ is the MVP but as he showed 2 years ago, if his legs are not 100% he is far from an MVP. His success revolves around how he can run with the football. However if we get Byron Parker, that is huge. A young player who has already established himself and he would greatly improve our secondary. Bruce is simply a playmaker, his play speaks for itself.....BUT you need a guy who can get these guys the football. Good recievers don't mean much unless you have a quality quarterback.

This is somewhat of a gamble. If KJ gets banged up and levels off then this could be a potential steal for us but if he remains in MVP form and stays healthy and takes the Argo's to the cup and wins it again then we lose so it will be tough to say one way or another.

I think the question is..Is it smart for Eric to trade an older player right now while he is worth so much and get good younger players back and not take the risk that you keep him and he might not have an MVP season next year and lose almost all value on KJ or is it a mistake to trade him away after he stated healthy and played so well for us?

u DID miss something...kerrys done tryin for the NFL.

i might be mistaken but isnt impossible for joseph to sign in the NFL this year. i think the dealdine was almsot a month ago.

If bruce was part of the deal imagine this


An average quarterback could have an MVP season throwing to those guys. Depending on who we get in this deal it might work out in our favour.
Either way it doesn't make it any easier to swallow losing an MVP quarterback.

This is awesome. I bombed a microeconomics midterm today, and the thought of Kerry Joseph in double blue has completely made up for it. I bet you Bish would be part of the deal. He's not getting paid all that much, is he?

if this deal is actually happening, Sask is significantly better, and Toronto is significantly worse. Toronto gave up the best DB and receiver in the NFL for an aging QB.

best reciever :o

based on what?????