Rumour: Kerry Joseph + KK for Jason Maas + Corey Holmes

"The other hot rumour around town is that the Riders and Ticats are working on a trade that would send Kerry Joseph and Kenton Keith to Hamilton for Jason Maas and Corey Holmes. Trouble is, if KK jumps to the NFL, the deal makes no sense for the Ticats. Eric Tillman told me though, that as far as he knows, Kenton has received no offers."

I could see this becoming a possibility, with Kent Austin now as HC. His pass-happy offence would probably be better suited to JM rather than KJ.

I'd rather have Joseph than Maas, if Maas performs as craptacular as he did last season......

....but I loathe Rod Pedersen, so I'm assuming this is him being a blowhard.....

not gonna happen....maas and holmes did nothing at all last season, while KK and KJ were in the western finals.

And.. wasen't Burrato or Taaffe supposed to become the Als head coach? Just goes to show you, most of the time, rumours aren't worth all the attention.

That would be a terrible trade for the Riders.

Why would they trade for the one quarterback who is actually worse that Kerry Joseph?

If that happens, i dunno what ill do... Its not happening because Corey Holmes is 31 i believe, and despite the love i have for him, he is past his prime i think, while KK has yet to reach it. KJ was hurt all of last year yet the man still played and had wayyy better stats than Jason Mass... The trade wont happen//


Maas had a rough go with trying to please offensive coordinators who didn't know Maas. Holmes had an off-year. 2007 will be much better, (cuz it couldn't get much worse)

I Presonally Think That Maas Is A Better QB The Joseph, However Because Of How Much Better Kenton Kieth Is Then Holmes There's No Way That This Trade Would Happend. Although I Don't Mind Looking Over Whether Or Not This Trade Would Be Worth It For Both Teams. For Kenton Kieth Hamilton Would Be A Better Fit Then It Was For Corey Holmes Simply Because I Feel That Kieth Can Run Better Without An O-Line Then Holmes Can.

Joseph gets injured every season. Get used to it.

....maas just denies being injured, then plays like garbage the whole

Hopefully Maas stays with Hamilton in 2007. I want to see what he can do. Don't want him catching the Saskatchewn plague when he should be hitting his CFL prime.