Rumour: Jones to the ELks

Thinking the Elks would have had to ask permission. Usually that makes the news.

That was a good rumour. Jones plus three assistants gone with him, so far. Wonder if Mark Nelson might be moving on as well. He used to have ties to Edmonton I believe. Leaving a team that IMO is only a grade A QB away from being one of the best in the League says something. The old saying "actions speak louder than words" might come in here.

Same old Argos. All the work they did last year to build the brand and they are back to square one again with the recent events. Almost seems like they are not expecting a 2022 season.

Thinking more about Molly Campbell and that she would be a good fit with the Argos as an Asst GM to Pinball. Might be something that also resonates with the fans.

Arash Madani said recently that Mark Nelson will move from being the Special Teams Coordinator to coaching on the defense for the Argos. Madani did not say what part of the defense Nelson would be coaching.

Don't know who Molly Campbell is, but I did read somewhere that Damian Allen is an assistant to CEO Mike Clemons. Nothing showing on the Argo site to confirm that, but I guess Mike could hire someone to assist him personally.

Sister of Rick, daughter of Hugh. She has a lot of CFL experience.

Oh ok, never heard of her. But she would have the Campbell genes and would have heard a lot about football growing up I imagine.