rumour: Jones new OC in Riderville

Belton Johnson just posted this on Twitter @bjizzle58

Congrats to Coach Khari Jones for being named #Riders offensive coordinator...

The #Riders are picking us #Ticats off clean...

Haven't heard this anywhere else but I know it was floating around on twitter that Jones was in Sask this week.

@TSNDaveNaylor & @SheriTrapp are both denying this report.

we can only hope....our coordinators were a weak link

Losing Khari wouldn't bother me at all.

Belton posted this later:


ROTFLMAO!!! I guess I was pranked by an insider #Rider buddy bout Coach Khari Jones... Sorry #Rider fans & #Ticat fans... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I have heard this on Sunday, as he sent his contract papers from a hotel...

Name your source , Real :wink: :wink:

Losing Khari would be good news.


I also wouldn't lose any sleep if Jones didn't return. I think he was a Buellefuelle guy, hired to mentor Glenn. And now that Buellefuelle and (probably) Glenn are gone, time to start fresh.

Besides, remember when half our guys on offence didn't know where to line up before plays in the East Final? That speaks to Jones, IMO.

The problem two years ago was Mike Gibson, so the team let him go and brought in some fresh blood (like everyone was clamouring for) and after one season people are ready to show him the door?

I, for one, would be happy ofJones came back for a second season. He wasn't perfect, but you cannot judge how good he will be over time based on one season. He showed in certain games that he has the skills to be a very good OC. He also showed that he has a lot of learning to do. Some of you people are just too much. No patience whatsoever.

Agreed. I thought the offense was down right great at times, and is solidly based right now for further development/improvement/enhancement.

I think Blogskee is right on this.

Thing is though, a new HC is highly unlikely to keep any assistants from the previous regime. He'll want his own staff to support him.

Khari's offense was too erratic. Putting up 50+ points one week and then getting nearly shut out the next. He might have some decent potential with a couple of more years experience but I don't think this is what the Cats need right now.

...and with that the club has chosen to run the risk of taking a step (or two) backwards in order to take three or four steps forward with MB's firing and the collateral and implicit loss of the key assistants...whole new coaching regime with a likely new approach to things that may result in a call and need for new player types to play their "systems".

Is there any CFL precedent out there where there's been a coaching personnel "house cleaning" in one year followed by a performance improvement (ie won-loss record) the season following?

Absolutely yes.

When Popp tried to coach Montreal, he had Marcel as his O/C and Chris Jones as D/C.

After learning his lesson (that, as a head coach, Jim Popp is one heck of a good GM), he hired Trestman. . . who then hired his staff, and Marcel (Hamilton) and Jones (Calgary) moved on. Als had a bounceback year then under Trestman.

On a lesser scale, the blue team was dreadful under Bart Andrus. . . Barker came in, cleaned house, and they went 9-9

Thanks MadJack - any other precedents for clubs which had a 0.500 record (+/-) (or even better), cleaned house and improved?

How about-

Ticats 1997: 2-16 under Don Sutherin and Urban Bowman
Ticats 1998: 12-5-1 under Ron Lancaster