Rumour is Beiber will wear a Riders Jersey!!

:rockin: 8)

Bieber to wear a Rider's Jersey!!!!!!!!
You heard it here first :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: 8) :lol:

Well all fan bases have their idiots :frowning:

"In other CFL news, the Roughriders have just folded from a 100% decrease in attendance and TV numbers after teenage pop-sensation Justin Bieber wore a Dressler jersey at the Grey Cup half-time show"


I hear he will be wearing the hometown leafs jersey.

Of course he'll wear a Riders jersey, he wants to win "Grey Cup halftime act of the year" in an online poll. :stuck_out_tongue:

I see that he played Scotia Bank in Ottawa last night, I hope he makes it to Toronto for the half time show. No need for him to rehearse since he'll be doing the lip-synch thing for national TV.

There should be no reason he could not make it to fly its around 40 mins or if they were to drive its around 4 hours.

Always knew he was an Ottawa fan.


Rumour I heard is he will wear #13, the average age of his fans.

Actually he played ScotiaBank Friday night, it was Neil Young at Scotiabank last night.

His mom is driving him to Toronto, they can't afford to fly,

It won’t matter to me what he’s wearing. I’ll be changing the channel until half-time is over. As an aside, I found the pic above interesting. I always thought it was customary and proper etiquette to remove one’s hat or cap in the presence of such dignitaries as the Prime Minster of Canada. Perhaps I’m wrong but I know I would have.


?Stephen Harper is President of both the Ottawa and Calgary Justin Bieber Fan Club. Just watch the front row of any Canadian Biebs concert and there he is , hands in the air, in ecstasy spending our tax dollars! Remember he is the leader of the 'Progressive' Conservatives.

I seriously Doubt that Biebers manager would let him wear a Riders Jersey. That would be a PR problem when he is in TO AND the fact he is from Ontario.

However, looking at the photo of him with Stephan Harper ... he does look like a Rider fan! maybe a few too many teeth though? :wink:


Seems fitting to me. Par for the course, the guy is already used to wearing thrash :cowboy:

He'll probably be wearing the same undershirt and ripped overalls he was wearing to accept his award from the PM earlier this week. :roll: