rumour I heard in BC this weekend (its a good one)

Here is a rumour I heard this weekend. I heard it from multiple people, but quite frankly I have no clue who they were, or if they know absolutely anything about the situation. anyways:

Dickenson for 2 offensive linemen including Andrew Greene.

I would take it in a second.

Your thoughts

Was the other lineman up in the air at the time, or were they willing to take anyone, as long as Greene was in the package?

I'd rather not have Makowsky leave, but really, anyone on that line would improve BC's line from what I've seen.

That's a good deal for everyone involved. We need a starting QB (we currently don't have one if you've been in siberia for the last year) and they need offensive lineman. I don't mind seeing Greene go since he is getting up there in age and is becoming injury prone. I know Dickenson is injury prone too but we have a good offensive line (even without Greene) who can protect him.

Billy, that rumour will heat up if BC can sign Printers. I heard it too. Printer's agent have been talking with Buono. If they can get a long term deal with Printers, that rumour may become a reality.

This would address both clubs concerns. Now all you guys would have to do is get some recivers that can hang onto the ball.

I don't know how you could argue any other way, this would certainly be a great trade for both teams. BC needs an Offensive Line and we need a Quarterback, trade made - problem solved right? I don't know....

If we give up 2 Offensive lineman it might not sit well with the rest of the O-Line. A lot of people don't realize it but there's a lot of chemistry involved in being a good Offensive Line. You can't just throw a bunch of fat guys together and tell them to block, it's a lot more complicated than that. I fear that if we lose Andrew Greene and another O-Lineman (I'd hope we'd get rid of Thomas). Which leaves us down 2 O-Lineman BUT Chilldress will likely retire leaving [u]3[/u] open spaces in the offensive line! Only O'Day and Makowsky would be left. That would leave our O-Line in a tough spot, I don't know how many O-Lineman we have hanging around but if we're like any other CFL team, not too many.

Sure I'd like to see DD here but not if it costs us our O-Line, these guys are great but It would be disheartening to break them apart. I can stand getting rid of one of them but two is asking too much.

I think that is a bad trade for the Riders. Dave Dickenson may be a "franchise quarterback", but he is getting old. and just like Jeremy said, There is a lot of chemistry on the o-line (I agree, thats the postion i play), and you cant coach that. Injuries are also a concern. Dave Dickenson is injury prone, also He has a fat contract. Maybe if it were Casey Printers because he is younger, more mobile and less ijury prone. Also, He can't demand a $375000 a year yet because he hasnt entirely proved himself. Not yet anyways.

Or, You could fire Shivers, have Barrett do both jobs and apply Shivers contract money towards Dickenson.

Great idea sportsmen, you should be on the rider board of directors. :wink: Or maybe you are, that's why we've been stagnant in our QB situation.... it's all coming together now.....

I play O-Line too, so that’s where I got my info from. I’m a center, what position are you.

IMO that would be a poor trade for Sask. with Dickenson being so injury prone and getting older. I agree with your talk about o-line chemistry, and if this trade were to take place it may leave Dickenson with a similar situation he had with the Lions… no o-line so no qb protection= dickenson injured.

I do not know about that as long as he has better protection it would not be a bad trade. Dickenson is a great guy but made of glass.

If we fire Shivers we have to give him severance pay, which is quite a bit.

True…Ands now that Shivers is back for 1 more year…Kills that discussion.

so what happens when we trade two o-lineman, give Dickenson the protection he has in B.C., he gets hurt then we will have no running game to rely on. Holmes and Keith aren't big enough to be making holes for themselves all day.

if we lose two o-linemen, our running game will collapse, especially with Andrew gone! Dickenson would be nice to have but i would rather not do such a costy trade!

i just heard on sportsnet that saskatchewan will trade a 1st and 2nd round draft pick plus eithr nealon green or some o-lineman. i didn't hear to who they trade

According to sportsnet, you guys are getting Joseph, if you can afford him.

i'll believe sportsnet the day after it happens. before that i don't believe a thing they say. They are basically people like us, but usually worse.

give um jason french and andrew green lol

oops i ment thomas but green would make it a legit trade 1 o lineman we can replace over a new year o mera lazzeo was a starter at one point tango macually plus picking up an o lineman its costly for 2 and even one is costly but really wut other deal can we swing where we have atleast a lil power in the trade and not bee the needy qb team