Rumour has it: Regina won 2018 GC Bid

Apparently the Regina Grey Cup Bidding committee has won the rights to hold the 2018 game.

TSN announced it (looking for link) and 2 Rider personnel in the bid committee have commented as well.

Isn’t 2018 Hamilton’s 150 Anniversary year?

The Hamilton Football Club was founded in 1869 - so that would make 2019 as the 150th.

Shouldn't you have to have a team before you can get the Grey Cup? :cowboy:


I don’t think they have won it yet, but they are bidding on it

Darrell Davis @DarrellDavisSK
#GreyCup106 Bid Committee from Regina is visiting Winnipeg. Be warned, Hamilton - Saskatchewan wants 2018 game! #CFL
1:17 PM - 28 Nov 2015

And then this

Rod Pedersen @sportscage
Social media reports of the Sask Roughriders bidding on the 2018 #GreyCup are 100% erroneous. Careless too
4:35 PM - 28 Nov 2015

Rod Pederson is just mad he didnt get the first scoop. I'm still a bit surprised they'd go after the 2018 game, but it will be the 2nd season in the new stadium so I can also understand it. It would be weird to have Saskatchewan host twice with no Alberta team hosting in between.

5 years between hosting should be fine. Whatever year Hamilton has their 150th, I hope they put a bid in.

Hosting Grey Cups with 9 teams, I would like to see a rule that unless due to lack of interest, a team can’t host within 6 years of previous hosting. This way there is still a bid process and there is leeway if a team doesn’t want to host.

Doesn’t matter, the Commish told Ottawa that they are not guaranteed to host the 2017 Grey Cup. He said it’s not about who deserves it or whose turn it is or what was promised by the old Commish when Ottawa entered the league - he said it’s about a team/city presenting a business case to host a Grey Cup.

Highly doubt that they will be announcing who is hosting the 2018 Grey Cup when they only recently announced next year’s venue. :roll:
This may change with the new commish, but seems the rule of thumb was going to wait 3-4 years after a new stadium opened before having them host a Grey Cup (assuming that they bid for one). That way the “newness” has worn off, it sparks renewed interest and more importantly, any kinks or post construction concerns can be corrected.

Saw pics on social media of the “Rider 2018 Bid Committee” which might simply be some very zealous fans trying to make their voices heard.

I dunno about waiting for the newness to "wear off". You want to take advantage of what will arguably be the best CFL stadium in the league as fast as you can. They alloted an extra year to build it to do it right. Grey Cup in Regina in 2018 is totally a great idea.

Isn’t this Winnipegs’ 2nd year in the new stadium?

Despite the woefully undersized airport and a complete lack of hotel accommodations, at least Regina will be able to sell out the Grey Cup.

Unlike Winnipeg's humiliating failure this year - - reducing capacity and still frantically giving away tickets right up until the Friday of Grey Cup week.

They’re a Western team, so the rule of thumb is more flexible.

BC last year didn’t sell out either. It isn’t a Winnipeg only problem. Tickets are overpriced.


According to a quick internet search, the tickets were in the CA $175.00 - CA $569.00.

When the game is in Hamilton, I would love to go but I am not paying $1K for 2 (good) seats.

For that $1,000, I can go for 20 $50 meals. I can see 100 movies at the theatre. I can order 75 large pizzas. I can pay off 5% of a car. I can go to 20 Sabres games. I can go to 40 Ice Dog games. I can go to Cuba for a week+, etc…

That is crazy.

Kevin, for last years Super Bowl the Company I work for paid over $850,000 for a mid size Luxury Box. Face value ticket prices were $800 to $1900, if you can get one. The average price was $2900. For a couple to go to the Super Bowl for 3days 4 nights, in addition to ticket price you can plan on spending about $4000 for airfare, room, rental car, meals, night out and other small misc items, no souvenirs.

There are only 1,000 general public tickets sold for the Super Bowl, so those tickets are next to impossible to get. 75% of the tickets are given to the 32 teams and 25% of tickets are given to the league. Tickets sold by teams to ticket dealers are dramatically higher than face value. “Early Wednesday, the NFL Ticket Exchange had 738 Super Bowl ticket listings ranging from $4,000 to $14,203 each, making a mockery of the league’s face-value price range of $800 to $1,900. By Thursday evening, there were 149 listings ranging from $8,400 to $28,888” Here is a great article in USA Today on why Super Bowl tickets are mainly sold only to companies dealing with the NFL, large corporations, or the obscenely wealthy. Unlike the Grey Cup, the average fan almost never goes to the Super Bowl anymore. … /22558673/

The league needs to make money - financially speaking Regina is the right choice (not Hamilton at this time) , yes hotel rooms may not be as plentiful in Regina but the fans in Saskatchewan love football - they will come and that is fact from a distance and pay!

Traveling with business across N.A. , and talking football with the Yanks , the Roughrider logo is the most recognizable among CFL branding that the Americans see - Maybe that's some of the reason they - the Grey Cups - are so popular in the west.

I'm just looking out for the best interest for the CFL's bottom line.