Rumour- Hank signed in Ottawa

Adam Hunter ?@AHiddyCBC 6m
According to @garylawless Henry Burris has signed with the Ottawa REDBLACKS.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 45s
Multiplie reports have former #Ticats QB Henry Burris signing with the #RedBlacks. What now for KG and #Bombers?

680 CJOB Sports ?@CJOBSports 6m
The #Bombers did not "cheap out" on Burris. The offer Smilin Hank turned down to sign with the #REDBLACKS was 750K over 2 years.

This move makes no sense to me. Desjardins made some crazy moves here in Hamilton. This has me wondering if he’s going to do the same for Ottawa.

Why ? If he keeps both he wins, if he trades Glen for an asset he wins. He can't lose.

There’s no way he can keep both.

Can’t trade Glenn until he’s played two games, and I don’t think they would get anything any way.

They certainly can keep both.
You don't think they would get ANYTHING for KG :lol:

Obviously, Hank wants the Money!!!!
If he walked from $750K over 2 yrs. from the Bummers,
I would think that Ott. increased that by a wide margin

No longer a rumour

gary lawless ? @garylawless
Can confirm #bombers have been told Henry Burris has signed with Ottawa #bn hello Kevin Glenn

I think it will be something like 3 years, 350k with a nice chunk up front. KG is around 200 to 250k and DeMarco is making very little. An expansion team can deal with this at least for a while.

It's not the money I'm worried about.

KG was ticked off whenever we pulled him for Quinton Porter. Now he's going to sit on the bench while Burris plays? Yeah right.

KG is four years younger, had a better completion percentage, touchdown to interception ratio, and quarterback rating than Burris last year. Not saying he's better, but he's not far off and four years younger. Ottawa may have just wasted a draft pick.

Why a wasted pick? They will/would get great return on KG if that's the route they want to go. I don't see them releasing KG.

They won't get anything more than a 4th round pick for him. There's one team remaining that needs a starting QB, and they weren't willing to do what was necessary in order to get Collaros or Burris, but now they're going to give up assets for KG? I don't believe it.

I'll be shocked if Glenn isn't cut before Training Camp.

Makes perfect sense to me.

I think Burris is the best available QB out there. I'm afraid Hamilton made a mistake.

So now Burris will be hated in

and Hamilton

B.C. loves everyone but Mosca!

The press conference is live on TSN radio 1200 at 11 am

Wow. To announce Burris as their starting QB. Where does that leave Glenn?

I think they can get either a second round pick or an import starter caliber player for KG if they decide to trade him. They aren't in a rush, they have plenty of money this year and can wait for the opportunity. There will be injuries and there will be flops.

List of teams that have now bent over Kevin Glenn


Way over $400K/3yrs!
We couldn't do that. We weren't in the ballpark either

CFLDaily ?@CFLDaily 7m
#CFL RT @PentonKirk: Just landed in Ottawa to hear from source #RedBlacks paying Burris way over 400K and #Bombers weren't in ball park.

I'm not buying it. Sounds like a cover story by Bomber management.

Dave Campbell ?@Dave_CHED 2m(Edmonton)
Over 400K for Burris now being reported. I'm speechless.