Rumour...Guelph courting Kyle Walters for their head guy

....If true I think we'll be in the hunt for a new gm....??????

.....Consensus by Gary Lawless is that he most likely will be are we dealing with a lame duck gm....Yeah that's what this club needs....NOT :thdn:

‘’’'So who is are next coach…Steinauer in Ham. orrrrr go after Thorpe in Mont…as far as gm…I hate to say it and people will be upset but Eric Tilman is available and he has been very successful in the past…IF we can put his bad past aside…ahem…should we take a look. Murphy in Calgary should also be a consideration…Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here but I think it’s inevitable…I can’t see how the upper management is going to stick with O’Shea the rest of the year as it is plain to see he is incompetent as a head coach and right now not that great as a special teams coach as well…Give the reins to Hall…fire Marcel and give Buck a shot at the oc job…Here we go again…IF this team doesn’t make a serious move after this debacle, they’ll be lucky to have a walk up at the CUP game and local fans will be selling their tix. :oops:

Get your own HC. We've supplied enough people. :smiley:

....Oh don't worry Anthony will be running the show pretty soon and I like the looks of Thorpe as head honcho...When the smoke clears, I'd say Thorpe will be high on our list of candidates.. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thorpe is not stupid. He's not going to pull his family out of a stable situation to join the Circus :slight_smile:
Since you will be looking for a GM and a HC how about Higgins :thup:

Nobody is stupid enough to hire Higgins ...... oh I forgot ! :smiley:

.....Circus lol.....the Als. aren't much better than a sideshow either.... You beat a team today who most likely knew that the head coach is gonzo or on the edge and a gm that is ready to spring wings... Besides any coach worth his salt , who wants to further his career, looks at any opportunity...Thorpe will be interviewed if in fact we're going to can Mike O...But that would be his call.... :wink:

I understand that Steinauer and Thorpe will get consideration for HC positions in the not-too-distant future, but papa your defence doesn't need much help, Richie Hall is a qualified DC, so it's the offence where you need the most help. If you hired Steinauer or Thorpe as HC they can't help you there, so the choice of an OC to replace Marcel would be critical.

And I agree with you on Tillman.

Papa. I meant in terms of instability in management. Thorpe had Popp for a boss when Matthews hired him in 2002 and Popp as a boss in 2015... Noel has job security in Montreal. Nobody has any job security in the Peg...

Good luck to him.

Not sure how lame duck Walters will be. I think he has enough integrity to not let down on this job even if he was leaving at the end of the season. Still, how or why Chevon Walker is still on this team baffles me. Sick of hearing about all this speed talk when he's never been able to use it consistently. He may be a Chevy that excels on the open road but we're driving in traffic so that's pretty much useless to us.

I have little respect for Tillman the man. Even if he was and could be a great GM. John Murphy is a name I can get behind. Whether he would leave the Stamps or not I think depends on whether there's any actually bite to the Huf to Riders rumors from earlier, despite Huf's denial.

True enough, no one has been given a chance here for anything longer than 2 years. Has Montreal been any more stable for anyone not named Popp since Trestman though? Huf, Milanovich, Barker, Trestman, have all managed to work themselves into job security. Or you can have it and work your way out of a job like Chamblin did this year. Any coach coming in here can work themselves into job security, just win some games. Heck, if you go 8-9 wins your first couple of years you'll get a third here easily the way things have gone.

,,,,Well as far as the lame duck scenario goes, I'm sure Walters will keep his work ethic at an acceptable level so it looks good on his resume....but ''c'mon' .. how effective are you when all the fans and club know he has one eye on Guelph and will no longer be concerned with the future of the Bombers...If I were Miller I would be scrutinizing all decisions made by Walters and make sure they are sound ones...I don't like the fact he that he offered NO COMMENT on this situation with him and Guelph...I as a fan of this club want answers when something like this comes up or it looks like a snow job...Frankly if I were Miller I would take over the reins now that the cat is out of the bag and save what little credibility is left concerning this club....or there definitely will be consequences.. :wink: (and no I'm not Kavis Reed).

Tilman would be my first choice…As far as the hiring of a defensive minded head coach, I think that would be up to the new GM…Hall might be a victim of a complete house cleaning, so until we see what the new general manager will do all points are moot…However…here comes the however…a new gm usually wants the people on staff that he is familiar with and that he thinks can be successful ( and lord knows this club needs that)…We may be starting from scratch…Other than (rumour only … but something has to keep the fans interested :lol: ) Huff coming on board as gm and coach to bail this franchise out, I have no idea where we are headed… :roll:

…Walters making a statement today denying he has had contact with Guelph…Somebody is not being forthright…Lawless making up stories???..(he was right on about the Chamblin firing in Sask) or an attempt by the Bombers at damage control…Has me wondering…Lawless better come up with some proof to back up his story or his credibility is shot in my books…‘As the Bombers turn’…quite a soap opera :lol:

I don't understand the anger in Winnipeg. They've lost Willy. With Willy the Bombers can compete with any team on most night and were vastly improved last season. This year they should have been improved, very good aquisitions on the oline and dline in particular unfortunately Willy was hurt again and many players have not produced well in their second season. Sorry Can't spell his name but your kick returner comes to mind.

As for Walters. It would not surprise me one bit if he had rigged this with the Alumni at Guelph to work himself an extension or/and a raise with the Bombers.

Personally I think Winnipeg has a good staff but like Ottawa last year they've ran into some unforseen problems. To throw out the baby with the bath water and bring in Tillman ! Tillman of all people. Do you really want that representing your city and your organization ???

Good staff minus Bellefeuille, the O-line coach, and the O-line assistant. Those three have to go IMO.

Some changes needed for sure but I don't think Walters and O'Shea are holding that team back.

I don't think it's anger so much as frustration manifesting as anger. A long Grey Cup drought will do that to you. Being in year 2 of a rebuild, I think most fans expectations were that the gap between us and the playoff teams would close and here we are wallowing in the bottom third of the league again and will struggle to match last years 7 wins. Plus, a lot has to do with how we've lost games - special teams mistakes, penalties that have extended drives, turnovers, etc. It's one thing to lose in a competitive game, it's another to lose so many by making mistakes.

Losing Willy was a huge blow, as it can be for anyone. Ticats went 1-5 last year without Collaros. Their backups struggled replacing him much like ours have filling in for Willy and they completely retooled at QB this year. We'll see how that works out for them this year with Collaros out again. It also derailed BC and the Riders this year. But regardless of how factual it is losing Willy has had a devastating effect, for many it just comes across as another excuse after years of them.

As for O'Shea, there would be fewer people asking for him firing if he answered questions differently. The more questions there are week after week with this team the more his standard line of waiting to answer specifics until he's had a chance to review the video has worn on people. Maybe providing the same stock answers week after week reinforces the perception that it's status quo.

True, plus we lead the league in blowout losses by a fair margin. Considering Ottawa is only in their 2nd year and Sasky is 1-11, that's quite the accomplishment. :roll: