Rumour: Changes Coming!!!!!

Found this on Sportsnet site from Perry Lefko. He did a team by team analysis. Here's what he says about Hamilton.

HAMILTON: Both of the team's co-ordinators -- Mike Gibson on offence and Greg Marshall on defence -- are rumoured to be on their way out. The offence struggled, while the defence had its problems, too, and we're told head coach Marcel Bellefeuille became more involved in that area, which didn't sit well with Marshall. Could Rita be coming to Hamilton as the OC? Makes a lot of sense.

As for the defensive co-ordinator, we're told Richie Hall is a longtime friend of Bellefeuille and loves the Hamilton area and the job is his if he wants it.

Not sure how I feel about Rita as our OC, but do like the idea of Hall as the DC.

What does everyone have against Gregg Marshall? People don't realize how good of a DC the guy is.

Maybe there are some other issues involved rather than coach Marshall's actual knowledge of the game, who knows? If what Lefko says is true.

Love Rita as our OC.

Maybe things related to why this team underperformed are starting to become clear. Bellefeuille getting involved in Marshall's defence! Wow. I think they'd have done much better if Marshall had helped Bellefeuille help Gibson.

Hall -- A decent choice if Marshall is lost.
Rita -- No! No!! No!!!

The defence started to play better when Marcel got involved. Marshall's defence always gives up too many big plays. Hall's defence has always been tough to play against.

8) Since Adam Rita won't be returning to the Argos, I expect he will resurface in Hamilton as our new OC.
 As rumoured several weeks ago, look for Richie Hall to become the Cats new DC.

 Both Gibson and Marshall will not be returning to Hamilton next season.

 You can put money on that !!

Went looking to read the full article moscamania quoted from, and found it contains a few more interesting rumours. Worth the read and maybe holding on to for a re-read in the spring to see how many of the "rumours", come true. Here it is:

[url=] ... l_rumours/[/url]

I think Rita and Hall would be a step up from what we have now.

I can certainly see Greg Marshall back in Winnipeg, especially if Kavis Reed leaves. That would be too bad but if the rumours are true that he and Marcel are clashing, something has to change.
Adam Rita and Richie Hall? I dunno. Adam Rita had just about all of his coaching success in 1991.I would like to see some young up-and-comers given a shot. They generally relate to the players better. Richie Hall as DC would be be OK though.
And re: Montreal....if Marc Trestman heads for the the U of Minnesota, my guess is that Scott Milanovitch will replace him.

Richie Hall was a terrific DC in Saskatchewan before his HC stint in Edmonton. ( Am I remembering that correctly?) I'ds love to see him here!

Can anyone provide any background on his track record as an OC?

Cap'n: He was hired by Saskatchewan in 1994 to coach the defensive backfield and was later promoted to defensive co-ordinator.
I don't think he was ever an offensive co-ordinator at the pro level.
Wishful thinking? :slight_smile:


I meant to say, " Can anyone provide any background on Rita's track record as an OC?"

Cap'n: Not sure what's going on here...I posted my response to your Richie Hall question and it ended up being posted before your post. Then it was re-posted after your post. It happened yesterday too.
I contacted the mods about it this morning.

But answer your question.....according to Wikipedia....while Adam Rita was OC in BC under Don Matthews the team did well for a few seasons.


That's not all I learned about Adam Rita.
Apparently when he was a kid in Hawaii he was in a scene paddling a canoe in Elvis's movie..Blue Hawaii! No wonder he ended up with the Argonauts. :slight_smile:

I stopped getting excited by new signings of players and coaches a long time ago. Especially after the Jason Maas and Charlie Taffe fiascos.

Just win games please :slight_smile:

deer: You mean the fact that Adam Rita was in an Elvis movie is not exciting????? :lol:

Only when we hear "Gibson has left the building."

I say just setup the latest version of Madden on the sidelines, and just ask Madden for every play. Sure it's a different league, and it might seem odd that we'd never punt, but extra man means the plays would be even better!

Although seriously, how about taking the best of both worlds, Marshall as DC and Hall as OC.

There a plenty of non-Ticat related CFL tidbits in prognosticator perry's column, too

[url=] ... l_rumours/[/url]

Kavis Reed or Doug Berry to replace Ken Miller as Head Coach of Saskatchewan.

etcetera etcetera