Rumour- CGY Player shot and killed last night at club

Sports On News Talk ?@SportsOn770 50m50 minutes ago Calgary, Alberta
SOURCES: @calstampeders player shot and killed outside Marquee Club.

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Announcement coming at 12:45 today.

Oh no.

Terrible news

Sports On News Talk ?@SportsOn770 3m3 minutes ago Calgary, Alberta
BREAKING: @calstampeders announce Mylan Hicks victim of shooting . First year practise to roster player.

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Mylan Hicks

Condolences to his family, and the extended family the surrounded him.

Tragic that this kind of stuff happens.

Wow you are right I just heard it on the news the youngman was a practice roster player and a promising one at that. Just terrible!

According to preliminary reports the victim is one Mylan Hicks who was on the PR of the Stampeders

here's the link :

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Mylan Hicks profile from Stampeder homepage :

Terrible news

Only 23 years young. Another one gone way too soon today.

RIP Hicks and condolences to the family.

I read this just after having read that a 24 year old starting pitcher - Jose Fernandez of the Miami Marlins was one of three killed in a boating accident this morning in Miami - causing MLB to cancel the Marlins - Braves game today. What an awful news morning.

So tragic, thoughts to the Hicks family and the whole Stampeder organization.

Calgary is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

This is an unbelievable day in the sports world. An absolute stunning turn of tragic events.

The Night Club he was at is frequented by gang members this is not the first time there has been shootings here. It is time they have Gang Unit stake this place out. In the last few days several gang members have been arrested by the Gang Unit. And yes crime rate is beginning to soar in Calgary.

Very sad to hear of this.

If in Calgary never go to this area for night life again this is not the first shooting here.

This punk kid carrying a gun

Nelson Lugela, 19, was charged Monday with second-degree murder,
Lugela has other matters before the court including a possession of stolen property charge.

Though this is a very sad incident I don't think your statement is factual. A quick google search and I was able to pull these stats up, I'm seeing 8 homicides. To be fair that is double last year but still a far cry from Toronto with 52 so far. And that compared to Chicago is almost nothing. I'm from Toronto, just trying to keep things in perspective.

You can't be serious with that comment.

Spend some time in Brazil and you'll have a better understanding of what constitutes a "dangerous city".

You can't be serious with that comment.

First of all Brazil is a Country not a City, A Country of over 200M impoverished people,
HfxTC was talking about "Calgary is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous cities in the country"
Anyone with a grade 6 education knows Brazil is a Country, Oh Wait!. :?