Rumour - Burris to join CFL on TSN Panel

THE END AROUND: There are strong rumblings within CFL circles that recently retired Ottawa Redblacks quarterback Henry Burris will join the CFL on TSN panel

This is an absolute no brainer, if true. :rockin:

at the bottom of this article by RedBlack's beat writer Tim Baines

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Whose spot is he taking?

I like the current panel, so maybe they will create a similar positon to when Lapolice had a few years back.

Maybe Dunnigan goes and does colour, I like him with PxP guy Gord Miller

That would be a great fit considering he told the entire panel to SHOVE IT.

Will his wife be joining TSN as well?

I can't imagine Henry being a good panelist

I certainly hope this does not happen. Couldn't stand to listen to him describe how he'll single handedly save the panel.

Jock and Hank could do a segment called "Slimie and Burrass" They would talk about how great they are for the entire segment.

Since he told us he built 4 teams, shouldn't he become a GM instead?

Why all the hate for a CFL Hall of Famer who made Canada his home ?

Sure, if you’re closed minded

Like everywhere else he's showcased his wares - Henry will quickly adjust to the intricacies of the TSN panel. Might be a bit rough off the hop as some of the old school guys will set traps for Hank to get caught up in.

Don't have to fire anyone - most of them are on retainers. Like a prior poster says - just give Mattster a few more color assignments w/ Gord Miller on the stick. Anytime you can suppress pbp appearances by Rod Black - that's a massive victory for the fans! :cowboy:

has nothing to do it being closed minded. The man is simply not overly intelligent. That is not a shot, that is reality. If you have ever talked to the man you would understand that he is not cerebral at all, and struggled to have an expanded playbook his entire career, though he did evolve past the dozen or so he could retain for sure and seemed to grow a lot in that regard in the last 5 or so years. Hell of a nice guy in all honesty and takes far too much flack.

Glen Suitor is no rocket scientist.

The panel really could benefit from the perspective of someone who has played defence.

Maybe they need to do auditions?

Why would TSN want Burris?

He has allienated fan bases in one way or another of every team he played with.

If he kept playing, I'm sure he would have done it in Ottawa as well.

I don't agree with a lot of what he has to say...but he often says a lot of it purely to be contrast to the panel. He says some things that make one shake their doubt...but he is actually very intelligent.

He has? where?

He’s a great speaker, lots of energy. The TSN panel needs some new blood, good luck to him!!