rumour about Jim Balsillie's intentions

I'll bet you're talking about the mid-peninsula expressway, the proposed 408. The 406 already exists, and goes from the QEW to Port Colbourne.

I'm willing to bet more that the Sabres are angry that such a road would be built almost from the Peace Bridge straight past Hamilton, and into KW. And that would remove any reason for the Sabres to have a ticket office in Ridley Square.

Some good discussion here. The last few posts are tying it back to my original post. The issue of space, whether it be civic redevelopment, community building or entertainment complexes. Jim and Bob both have a vested interest in a pro-team relocation or allocation.

As for the City looking me, some things can't be changed a whole lot, arena or no arena.

How many people in Hamilton will be willing to pay on average $100 a ticket.
Yes that’s what the average ticket is in Ottawa and Toronto. The average salary in both cities are much higher than in Hamilton.
A season ticket package for 2 times 42 home games = $8400!!
There won’t be many Hamiltonians willing to pay that.

Kitchener Waterloo with the large high tech industry is a much better choice.

And the suites and I think some seats have what they call a seat license fee of somewhere around $10,000 apart from the ticket prices. A Hamilton or K-W NHL team would have to draw fans from the surrounding area which seems very realistic to me.

An Argo-Cat fan

I wondered when the conversation would get to this...

I've always believed that there wasn't enough money in Hamilton to support an NHL team. People always talk about the 23,000 or so that put a $100 deposit on a season ticket back in the 80s. Those people were told the money was refundable and they never did see a final bill - not really a huge commitment.

Based on the number of conversations about over-priced Leaf and Grey Cup tickets on this forum I can't believe there are many people in this city willing to pay $4,000-6,000 PER SEAT for NHL season tickets. I don't even believe there are that many people willing to pay this in Toronto, it's all corporate money and everyone knows there isn't that same well in Hamilton.

I also don't believe that people are going to travel to Hamilton to see games. We all know the image our city has, it's really no better than Buffalo. Until the Sabres put an exceptional team on the ice people didn't drive there and although Nashville has a solid team today, it's cyclical.
My two cents says that IF the rubber ever hits the road a Hamilton team lasts less than 10 years.

I hope I'm wrong...

About the couple mentions of Kitchener.. the entire area even including Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelf is maybe 300-350 thousand people. Plus they don't have a large enough rink to hold 18-20 thousand for a game.

The largest rink there holds maybe 5000 and I doubt anyone would spend tens of millions to build an NHL level rink for a small market.

I bet London has a better chance for NHL and CFL because its has bigger capacity venues and is much more of a sports town.

It's all speculation, we will not know if this city could sustain an NHL team until its actually put into place.

Burlington / Ancaster - Both high income area which will no doubt produce season ticket sales. How many? I have no idea. There is no way that right out of the gate the ticket prices will be on par with Toronto and Ottawa prices, they are established teams it will take a few seasons for it to hit that level if ever. The team needs to be established, marketed properly, and given the right facilities for it to succeed.

It may be a hard sell for a team here because most of the area fans route for either


There is a lot of corporate money in Hamilton you just need to know where to look..

Dofasco, Stelco, Fluke Transport, Orlick Industries, Tim Hortons, Slater Steel...and Obviously RIM..thats only to name a few off the top of my head....

I am sure not all of them are interested I am merely saying thier is no shortage of corporate money to be thrown at this team.

Don't worry. You are.

I agree with a lot of what Halifax said in his post about the viability of an NHL team in Hamilton. I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see anything but heartbreak and humiliation coming out of it.

Although I personally prefer the experience of going into an urban city for a night or a week-end to catch a game, I don't think a team has to be in an urban city to be successful. In this area of the province, most of the people, and almost all of the people with disposable income for sporting events, live off of some major highway that shuttles them between where they live and where they work. A location 20-40 minutes by highway from several prosperous smaller cities and a few mid-sized to large ones of varied means seems a better bet than a location smack dab in the middle of a mid-sized economically depressed one.

Of course it makes it a bit tricky to know what name the team - the Ontario AnythingButTheLeafs has a nice ring to it for me.

Hamilton 505,000
London 350,000

Kitchener 205,000
Waterloo 97,000
Cambridge 120,000
Guelph 115,000
Total 537,000


Personally, I find the NHL boring and over-priced. I'd rather see Ballislie put an OHL team in Waterloo.

Personally, I find the NHL boring and over-priced. I'd rather see Ballislie put an OHL team in Waterloo.

I wouldn't say boring but overpriced for sure. I long to see a team in Hamilton again play agains't the London Knights, Kitchener Rangers, Oshawa Generals etc. just like it was when I was growing up playing for a great Canadian trophy the Memorial Cup. In a great junior made facility like London's.

ok people when you're looking at population, you cant just use the city the team is located in. That nice little list of cities and populations shouldnt be separated. If the team goes to the KW area, the location is perfect. You have to assume that an hour is nothing to drive for an NHL game. How many of you have been to a Sabres game or a Leafs game?
Therefore, the population in surrounding areas would be more like 1.392 million. and that doesnt include the GTA which is about an hour from KW.
Thats more than enough people just in the local area to fill an arena...especially in a hockey-crazed ontario.
Factor in how many companies are in all those places and im sure you can sell luxury suites.
Ottawa has just over 800,000 people...and there's not a whole lot in the way of large cities around it...Kingston has 117...

So again i say anyone who doesnt think KW could handle an NHL team is crazy. The big obstacles are NHL approval and building an arena, not fan support.

Boring and overpriced by FAR!!!

Ok you have me on the population (I didn’t realize the area was up to half a million now) but Hamilton and London have bigger venues already and are bigger sports towns.

also.. I know for a fact that London is over 400,000 now.

Hamilton 503,000
Burlington 150,000
Oakville 150,000
Niagara 350,000

Within a 1/2 hour over 1.1 million

Case closed

If 2 teams can exist in the same city like New York with 2 teams in 3 of the big 4 leagues then there isn't much argument for the Toronto and Buffalo people that complain about Hamilton having a team.

I know for a fact that an NHL team could survive in Hamilton and even prosper. It would create more sports buzz in the city for sure and in turn more Ti-Cat support I bet.

I just hope that if it happens one day that the NHL doesn't schedule games on the same night as Ti-Cat games in the 3 months or so they would overlap in the fall.

The NHL, specifically Mr. Bettman, doesn't want a team in southern Ontario, Bettman basically said Winnipeg but not here. Balsillie and maybe others out there with big money do it seems and it will be interesting to see if they have enough clout with other owners to override Mr. Bettman's wishes. I say if it happens with Bettman going public with this, then he's a goner as NHL commish.

Not sure if Bettman would be against this. Bettman is charged with one important task on behalf of the owners and that is to increase the value of their frnachises. Balsillie is doing just that. $240 million is a vastly inflated price for a franchise and with western expansion (by two teams) a very real possibility what would that do for the price of those expansion teams? It would drive them way up. That equates to tons of money for the league and increased franchise value. No way the BoG would turn that down.

As far as I'm concerned all that remains to be seen is where the Predators end up. The more I read and the more I hear on the radio, the more I'm convinced that it's Hamilton that he wants.

Balsillie has done his homework. He'll get what he wants. He's giving the NHL an offer they can't refuse. Genius.

I more or less agree Captain but I might argue that... Actually, the more I think about it no, you are right, they can't refuse some $220 mill for the Preds, no way in the world really.

But enough of this guys and gals! Let's let this thread end and start making TiCats threads the top of the listing here!