Well I will be the first to enter the rumor mill here. Of course I will be called everything under the sun for this one but what the heck.
Rumor has it Matt Dominguez may be in green this spring but Green and Gold. If you have heard this please add.

Another rumor from Stamps camp is that it will take one interception by Hank before some fans will be calling for Dickenson. I am sure these fans are not wearing red though.

if all it takes is one burris pick, then that shouldnt take long at all.

If Matt D can stay healthy , he would a good addition for the Esks. I'm not really a big fan of Matt D, I thought that Flick and Fantuz more than made up for his loss last year.

As for Burris, it could be that start of a long year for him if he gets off to a poor start. The no. 2 QB is always the most popular guy amongst the fans. If DD gets in and doesn't do much better, fans will want HB back. I believe there will a lot of pressure on both to perform up to their capabilities this season.

Weird post even for you Sambo, but which qbs wont
have a lot of pressure to perform up to their
abilites next year?

Is that before or after DD suffers his 23rd concussion? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Good rumours 2005.

That Dominguez rumour was bantered around a few weeks ago on the night time sports talk, but was was ruled out. Hmmmmmmm.

I dont know of many qbs that wouldnt have
ended up with a concussion after the hit
DD took last yr from Perry.

The funny thing it won't be Stamp fans doing the complaining or calling for Dickenson.

So you will satisfied with another WSF exit, eskylo? Or do you expect more that now you have an experienced no 2 QB? If neither perform the way they are capable of, it will be a long season for you. Enjoy the 2008 season.

I just gotta ask, if the Stamp fans aren’t doing the complaining, then what other team’s fans will actually care?

I've already stated my opinion that with an experienced backup, this yrs standings and final
result could easily have changed.

Adding dickenson can and will only help.

Sit back and watch.

Tip for Sambo; Keep a crying towel nearby when we play your team next yr.

My bet would be Arius would be the first to comment on how
the Stamps should sit Burris. Then you'd pipe in shortly
after......followed by 4 or 5 other priders.

You dont recall all the receiving advice we got from you guys?

The beauty about rumours, is that is all they are.
Matt may try the free agent market this year.
Or he may not.
But if he and the 'Smoes have had any discussions at this time, it is called tampering and is a definate "no no" according to the rules.
So I suspect that rumour amounts to a 'Smoe "wish list" as opposed to having any facts to back it up.

I think if you count every "Smoe free agent signing rumour" as fact, they are about to essentially sign ALL the quality free agents--Goodspeed, Sheridan, Canada, Dominguez, Hunt, etc.
They will easily be able to do all that and remain under the cap.
But will they make the play-offs?
Now that is a rumour....

I think 'Smoe fans and media still are too use to the "good ole days" when they could just snatch as many free agents off the market as they wanted.
SMS says that isn't the case anymore.

I suspect this rumour has some legs.
I suspect some Stamp fans won't be waiting for the first pick. Some are likely already saying DD should start.

I love the fact that 05 brings the "rumour" to everyones attention, but says it won't be Stamp fans calling for DD.
Of course it will be.
Or is it the belief now that you aren't a Stamp fan if you don't like the same players as 05, or if 05 and another "fan" disagree over anything the team does, the loyalty of the "disagreer" suddenly comes into question?

Did anyone notice the gem I found from last years preseason, where 05 himself was predicting Hank had best s.uck it up or he would soon be the 3rd stringer...I guess you aren't 'red" enough 05...

Other than telling you when you signed him, that Bo was "too slow", I don't really recall that conversation regarding your receivers.
I do recall explaining to you what they were doing, but not telling you what they should be doing.
Or to be more specific, I said, "they DID bench Nik Lewis.
I didn't say, "They SHOULD bench Nik".

My basic philosophy regarding QBs, be they the Rider QBs, or the Stamp QBs, is you pick a starter and you play the poor bastard until he is no longer your starter.
You don't pull a guy for a pick, or a lousy quarter or a lousy half or a lousy game.
Not now, not ever.
Unless it isn't certain who the starter should be...
And history says most coaches coach that way.
I don't see Huffer having a short leash with Hank...

Have fun with ol' glassjaw as the backup. IMO, its a risky move to have him as the back-up QB. The only way he sees limited action is if Henry has a stellar season, and is consistently good. It won't bother me a bit to see them crash and burn, but you go right ahead in your belief that DD wont see the injury list, and that Hank will be consistent(he NEVER has been) this year. I won't be the one complaining if the Stamps are in 3rd or last, and that is a real possibility because so far Huffer has not addressed the need where you need it most- on defence.

I plan on it.

Its riskier not to improve your talent base.

You sound scared already.

Ask Montreal fans if getting Chris Jones as defensive coordinator isnt a big step in improving our defense.

You should worry about your own house, you guys still havent even hired a head coach.

tick tock tick tock

Not to mention whether your starting qb will be back.

But yeah sambo, you keep telling yourself how much
pressure Calgary's qbs are going to be under to perform.


No worries here. It sounds to me like you are trying hard to convince yourself that its a good move to have ol' glassjaw as the backup QB. I remember others bragging about the same thing as last year, and look where you ended up. Do youself a favour, and try to convince yourself some more that a injury prone back-up is going to be the saviour of the Stamps... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well in reading the responses so far it appaers the name calling of Dickenson is just what I would call jealousy. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. So in future the rider fans can call DD glassjaw and Burris crybaby. But it proves my point above. Any other rumors out there.