Rumors of Milanovich moving on ???

Don't know if its worth the electrons it is written with considering Milanovich confirmed he was staying put.

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Maybe he's just now hearing about NFL possibilities, what with the regular season winding down.

Or maybe he and Barker are trying to put the squeeze on Braley.

or perhaps he heard about the opening in Chicago. 8)

Apparently Tresman is safe... If he doesnt turn it around next year ,then the GM and him are both going to go.

Trestman being safe makes it more likely that Milanovich has an NFL opportunity with the Bears. Their OC is out after what he did last week.

But why would anyone want that job? Sure you get a NFL paycheck but you’re job security will only be good for 1 year. And for that 1 year work you get to pend that year crafting a playbook and an offense for Jay Cutler only to make a mokery of your efforts. And it’s not just Cutler that’s the problem. You still have the same GM who is just awful at drafting and other personnel decisions and apparently there a lot of infighting in the Bears locker room. Maybe if you’re unemployed that job may sound better than nothing, but to leave a job to take on that mess you’d need to have your head examined IMO.

Probably why he stayed last year too. However he would get a least a two year NFL contract and would be a commodity in the CFL if he had to come back anyway.

He will be just 42 for next football season. If he were to take a higher paying job in the NFL, job security is tough to come by in the NFL. I would consider him a top commodity as a CFL HC if he were to leave and then look to return.
Would probably be a great candidate for a job with TSN as well.
I have yet to see anything that has him as an official candidate anywhere in the US, be it NFL or NCAA.
I can only guess that he would not want to leave the Argo's right now, knowing the potential they have to win again in 2015. Money talks sometimes. In his case again i can only speculated that he would not just take any job, it would have to be a good fit for him with the right $$$ amount.

I’m less impressed with Milanovich than most it seems. He was basically Trestman’s message boy in Montreal signalling in his boss’s play calls with the luxury of “coaching” veteran QB’s like AC and RR. Give him a Cody Pickett or Troy Smith at pivot and you might see the real SM. He hinted to the media this season he was thinking of quitting on his team due the lack of a permanent practice field, etc. The fact that he’d rather be an offensive efficiency assistant in the NFL, or whatever, than one of the 41 head coaches in professional football speaks volumes. :expressionless:

I think Milanovich is hard to judge upon over the past couple of seasons. The Argos have been in a tough spot, and in 2013 lost a pile of practice time roaming from facility to facility and that commute time counting towards their time limitations. There has been a lot of adversity for the team that has not helped the product, and until some of that is sorted out I think any coach is tough to give a fair assesment to. That said I thought Milanovich extended fairly recently, or stated that he was staying put. ARE aware he won a Grey Cup in Toronto just 2 years ago?? Sure he's had some HOF QBs in his stable (Calvillo, Ray), but what he and his staff got out of that 2012 Argo team is nothing short of amazing. The Stamps were not only prohibitive favourites, but outmatched the Argos at most positions (with the obvious exception of QB).

I really can't say I'd blame him if he eschewed the circus sideshow of instability and fan/media indifference for a gig (and likely a pay raise) in the States.

Posts like these the reason he's tinking of walking away. The gong show in Toronto is ruining his reputation.

Where there is smoke there is fire ! I heard that he wants out also ! It will be interesting to see what happens when the n f l season is over !

After last night's debacle against the Saints, I am no longer confident that Trestman is safe in Chicago.
And if Trestman DOES survive, there's NO WAY he'll be allowed to hire some unknown coach from the CFL. Emery would definitely fire Trestman before he'd allow that.

One year as an OC in the NFL is probably equavalent to two or three years pay up here. Why would you not take it? Plus if he gets a good financial planner, he could live pretty well off of one years salary down there anyway. Even if he didn’t find a job in the CFL after, he would only have to find part time work when/if he loses his job down there.

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There it is. #CFL MT @dan_bernstein: Source: #Bears ownership met last night. Trestman likely fired at season's end.

I kinda disagree with that aspect. I think it about evens out to be honest. Sure, they scrutinize every play more, which enhances ones abilities on a grander pace, but aspects like the motion in the CFL are a real game changer for a OC.

I think greenandwhite is more commenting about the pay ($$$) than the football skill/strategy learned.

An Offensive Coordinator in the NFL would probably pay $1 million per year with normally a two year contract, depending on team circumstances. First year to incorporate the system and one year to prove the system.