Rumors about a replacement for The Don?

Rumors are flying around that if the Lions self-destruct in the playoffs again Buono could on his way out of BC.The Montreal gazette reported this week that the Al's are shopping for a new coach for next season but GM Jim Popp denied those rumors.I peronally think mathews is stil a good coach, maybe a little out of his prime but good none the less.It's not his fault the deffence is crap and receivers cant catch the ball. Don Mathews is to Al's what Roy was to the Habs and Felipe Alou to the Expos IRRAPLACEABLE.

Herb from the gazette is mouthing off again.
Another reason why I have no respect for the media anymore. They get to print whatever garbage they want, say whatever they want with so repercussions. Newspapers have become blogs for the writers

Add another vote....looks like Herb wanted to settle a score with The DON.

Herb was 1 of the only few who covered the Al's to give us some "valuable" info....looks like he'll be on the blacklist now !

Here goes the media coverage down the mush as I hate our losing streak now...

Like THE DON said to RDS today, you'll be stuck with me for a while..and I do believe him ! I personally think THE DON will leave on its own after the season or he'll tough it out until 2008 (GC in MTL).

They contacted Jim Barker according to the gostampsgo!


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Zukowsky makes a lot of stuff up, and worse, he pretends after the fact that he knew all along what X problem was, when the evidence of his columns speaks to the contrary. So suddenly in the middle of the season he'll write something like, "Karikari has struggled all season, as we all know" -- well, Herb, wouldn't it be nice if you'd written about it all season long?

Blah blah blah blah. Herb is still better then old man Red Fisher and the monday morning qb whats his name I forget...........

Barker denied being contacted

I don't think he was contacted but do you think he would admit it if he had?

I dont see Barker giving up his GM job in Calgary to coach the Al's.