Rumor: TV in the UK

Maybe on ESPN and/or BT Sport 2 if the speculation is accurate. I have no idea, but they say the CFL has not been shown in the UK for 5 years. Jeff Reinebold is mentioned because he is a fairly well-known NFL tv commentator over there.

CFL games were broadcast in U.K on the ESPN outlet until about 3 years ago. I remember there were several posters from the U.K. on this forum who were wondering why CFL games were no longer available. ESPN International's website had a CFL section, which explained the rules and had promos of upcoming games, etc. I doubt they had a huge audience but Canadian football is followed by many fans in U.K, Hong Kong and every state in the union (and not just ex-pats). :wink:

Watch the game with some bangers and mash

CFL now available to fans in UK and Ireland

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