Rumor (SS Returning)

The Sun is reporting an unconfirmed rumor that Stanford Samuels is back.

If so, good start, but keep em coming, still some deadwood to prune off. least we got a big-guy who can hit and cover pretty good in Samuels....i think his attitude has done a 180 compared to when he left....the fans always loved him....and i think Taman can feel the love returning :lol:

He should be better than it's an improvement for sure.

Which is next:

Troy Westwood?
Khari Jones ?

Oh yeah....Mike Sellers

Really if they lose next week, they should rebuild

Rebuild with what exactly?

I think your D is really missing Juran of the best corner backs in the league for a long time....

Missing Kyries Hebert big time, he can cover up for a lot of mistakes in the secondary. Bolden? Probably miss him too, because Bean sure isn't getting the job done.

It puzzles me why a team that was one broken arm from being the Grey Cup champions last season can look so poorly out of the gate this year.

Minimal running game, passing game out of sync, D-line not getting the job done, the LBs seem outmatched, and the secondary is struggling, to put it mildly.

And this with, but for Milt Stegall, Bolden, and Hebert, is basically the same team that went to the Grey Cup last season.

What gives?

I have no answer......

...mystery to me where a teams talent can disappear to in an off-season....which leads me to believe something is wrong in the locker-room ...besides missing Hebert and Milt...Greene on the o'line was a leader...we're missing him as well...The o'line has some new faces...Sheridan will be back next game....Khan to follow shortly after..then Picard...that should get us back to decent shape up-front...If Kevin still can't make a game of it with those stars returning...there's no hope for him...dbs. have to be changed...We might see this team come back to life yet...I hope it starts this Fri. in Van....but i don't expect any miracles.. :roll:

With Samuels coming will sure help alot because now we got Johnson who has really showed his stuff these last few games..and Samuels who had played great in Winnipeg years ago..The key to Roberts is simple..there not running him to the outside! Each running play is shotgun formation where he takes it up the middle EVERY PLAY!!If you remember last year, Roberts picked up all his yards running towards the outside. Something so simple can cause less stress. But Samuels returning might open some eyes for the bomber secondary because they are not afraid to replace them!

To suggest that in one week the entire team will change because of stanford samuels returning is ludicrous.

Taman says he hasn't talked to Samuels yet in todays Free Press

surprise, surprise.

Two words papa....Brendan Taman.

I don't think SS will be back, at least not yet. Watch for Wille Amos to take Bean's spot first

Very Funny, i just read today's Sun and Taman basically said that he would sign another DB, but that they would probably be put on the practice roster AS Willie Amos would be inserted.

So Do u actually think SS would take a practice roster spot and possibly not play? It would be great to have that Depth but is highly unlikely.

Taman also stated that Juron Bolden is STILL too expensive ... hmmm ... maybe if he cut some Useless salary, we could have Bolden Back ... the m&m's , Bean HINT HINT

...oh i think Samuells is lurking about...Taman isn't playing all of his cards just yet, in S.S's regard..I like the fact we're going to try Amos..He looked pretty good in pre-season...couldn't hurt....but if he's a bust that new db. just could be Samuels...just rumour though.. :wink:

Sam Young returned yesterday. I guess it'll be between him and Amos as far as who starts Friday. Hoping to see what Amos can do. He's an agressive back, something we're missing...

I'm also thinking that SS probably is just a phone call away...

SS should be on the practice field today.

The injury to Charleton has forced Taman to kiss and make up.

...The fans loved the guy...and Samuels i'm sure left with alot of he's back i hope the luv affair with this guy is rekindled...I know he's got talent...and i hope he unleashes it on the stamps.come Thurs... :thup: :rockin:

SS returning? It could be just what we need right now.