Rumor Mill

Any truth to the rumor that Edmonton is working on a 3 team trade that would see Ray in Hamilton, McPherson in Edmonton and Chris Williams in Montreal?

Is this a legitimate rumour, in that you saw it reported somewhere? If so, got a link?

hi…not sure if it is legit…thats why i asked Edmonton…I received a message from a pretty good source in Edmonton that it is being discussed…but I have no link that is fair, Sorry…thought maybe Edmonton folks may have heard this.

I haven't heard anything, but then I haven't been following that closely. I sent Naylor a tweet. Not sure how I'd feel about losing Ray for McPherson. I've admitted I've... not been as big of a Ray support recently, but I don't know anything about McPherson. It'd certainly be a risky move.

Why would Montreal trade for Chris Williams? They have Jamel Richardson,S.J. Green, Brian Bratton,Brandon London,etc. They don't need Chris Williams.

This rumor makes no sense. Same line as Coaches predictions.

Imagine! Ray for Williams and Williams for McPherson.

Try to be more real. it's looks more like fantasy football.


Well I don't put much stock in it. . . not as posted anyway. . . I can't see the Als being in the market for an import receiver. ..

Canadian Receiver

Chris Williams? He's an import.

Williams is an import.

If Ray and McPherson were to be traded,a more realistic scenarion would be:

Ray to Hamilton for Williams,Thigpen and Porter.
McPherson to Montreal for Thigpen,Etienne Légaré- DT,N- and Calvin McCarthy- RB,N-


Well I'm sure there will be trade talks going on as we move towards the 2012 season.
I agree with Richard on this particular one.

I wouldnt mind trading Ray away, it would mean an amazing QB battle in the preseason with McPherson, Nichols, Joseph, Ward, and bring in that other QB who was Lancasters grandson. Hell, anyone is quicker than Ray at decision making. The accuracy and touch can come quickly to any QB in sync with their receivers and some experience and smarts. Then draft that Canadian QB as well in the 4th Round, and draft another 1st round Olinemen to come and protect the youngster hahaha :smiley: :thup:

There is no way Obie trades both Thigpen and Williams for anyone. In fact, I think Williams is untouchable. Howver, I suspect that Obie would be willing to trade Thigpen in a package for Adrian McPherson, knowing that Terry Grant will be returning to Hamilton to compete for RB next year.

The opening posted Rumour is now laid to rest; Ricky Ray is an Argonaut :o