Rumor Mill: Tillman was after Drew Tate so Hufnagel moved!

I heard last night that Eric Tillman was looking at stealing Drew Tate from the Stamps when he became a FA after the season ended.. and Hugnagel got word of it and immediately signed Tate to an extension!..

Eh. This gets an enthusiastic meh from me. :lol:

maybe, but Tate has potential!

Well if he "heard" it from a credible source it might have some meaning. . . but if he heard it from a guy sitting two seats over in some bar, then maybe not.

well obviously something like this doesn't exactly come out like it's national news, but sometimes things leak out!

like maybe someone was mentioning to Tate about Tillman making inquiries and Tate might have off handedly mentioned it to someone on the Cgy team and Huf got word and said "hell no, I'm not letting Tate go to the Esks!?"

and then signed him as fast as he could.

And your source is . . . ????

Even if he heard it from someone at TSN, my response would still be meh. Nothing against Tate, I'm sure he'll be a good QB one day, but I don't care if Huf signed him to an extention. I like the guys we have right now. There are other areas the Esks need to deal with... like getting a D-Line, cause playing without one hasn't exactly worked out for us so far.

Madjack, something like this isn't going to be printed in mainstream media.

it's heard on things like team radioshows and so on.

the guys who probably first discussed it were likely the Calgary Stampeder Radio guys .. or maybe it came from an Edmonton radio show.

but it won't be one of those kinda of stories that becomes a Calgary/Edmonton Sun print.

I'm guessing Madjack, and everyone else, realizes this, he is asking where you heard it from.

Also I am guessing that even if this is true, Hufnagel had every intention of signing Tate before Tillman had a chance to talk to him. Remember if Tillman talked to him before he is a FA then it is tampering.

yup but Tillman doesn't necessarily have to talk to him to have stuff get out. things have strange ways of getting out there.

Hufnagel may have originally wanted to wait until the season was over and not rushed it.. but this could likely have caused him to sign Tate much earlier just to make sure it didn't accidentally happen.

Billy you were absolutely correct with this:

So since he either doesn’t understand my question or is studiously avoiding it, i’ll put it as clearly as I can.

Cflisthebest you stated in the opening of this thread that you had “heard” this.

So. . . my question is. . . WHO DID YOU HEAR IT FROM ?

I know this sort of thing won’t be in the mainstream press so I haven’t looked. . . all I want to know is WHO IS YOUR SOURCE?

Clear enough for you now?

it was on the radio. I actually didn't hear it first hand, I heard it from someone else who was listening to the Calgary Stampeders Radio show..

Well, I can confirm it, because I heard it from my uncle who heard it from his nephew who works with the Stampeders as a janitor.


What does the following tell you regarding credibililty?

When asked directly who his source is, his first response is:

And his second response is:

And then his third response is:

I'm sure cfl hears a lot of things. Let's just be glad the voices are telling him rumours about the CFL and not to burn the house down. :smiley:

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it was the radio but the reason I said the first two responses is because I didn't hear it first hand.

I heard it from someone else who didn't say "it was from the Calgary station.." or "it was from the Edmonton Station"

which is why I said what I said.

what is this LA Court?

when you have people tell you something that they have heard from a radio or wherever, lots of times it's difficult to get a credible source.

this is how I have heard stuff.

it was not something that was printed or online. I got told that the word was that Tillman wanted Tate and Hufnagel got word of it somehow, and decided to make sure Tate was a Stampeder for 3 more years.

No, it's just that when you start a rumour, you should always give a source so we know whether it's a credible rumour or not. It's one thing to report a rumour that you heard a reputable CFL insider say on a radio programme, it's something else entirely to report a rumour you heard from a friend who heard some speculation by some other fan on some call-in show.

Surely you can see the difference.