Rumor? Jesse Lumsden for Buck Pierce - BC interested.

Is this true?? heard from word of mouth. :roll:


I highly doubt BC would trade Pierce away. He is their future. No way would they take Lumsden for him either.

It is true.

I haven't heard this but really, don't you think that practically every player at one time or another has been discussed by GM's in a possible trade? And some come out in some sort of a discussion that someone hears from someone and then a rumour starts, which could end up happening in a trade, but most of the time nothing happens.

Is it True, or is it a rumour.

Sounds like a true rumour.

Ain't gonna happen.

Marcel was given the reins on football decisions
but bob would invoke the 'notwithstanding clause'
so the clubs marketing efforts wouldn't be sabotaged.

jesse attracts fans seein as hes from hamilton so they wouldnt trade him neways, hes a money maker here.

couldnt see it happening captainkirk and habman would have to buy all new underwear and bedsheets not to mention move. nope dont see it being true. Seriously though i cant see this being any more then a rumour.

I think the Lions are counting on Pierce as their future at QB - he's looked very impressive IMO - to take over from Dickenson in the near future. And Bouno ain't going to start no Canadian at tailback, so can't see him trading a good young QB for somebody he sees as a back-up RB or who he would convert to a little used fullback.

Cant see BC trading Bucky, But Dickenson or Pierce dont what to play backup QB. Dickenson has said if he dosnt start he wants to be traded.

jesse lumsden,on any other team, is just another good RB.

on the ticats, he's money in the bank. you'll see tons of lumsden jerseys at IWS next season.

Can't see this happening. Would be a panic move by Desjardins IMO.
Like some earlier posters have stated, Lumsden has star power and although the QB position is the most important I would sit tight and do some more scouting before making that move.

No slight to Jesse, but Wally would be absoloutely nuts to trade his future starter at QB for Lumsden, IMHO.

Dickenson could be within hits to the head of retirement, so if it's an issue of an insurance policy at pivot, I'd take Buck Pierce in a walk over Jarious Jackson from what I've seen to date.

Oski Wee Wee,

I don't see them getting rid of lumsden. He brings a lot of publicity to the team. He is one of the reasons a lot of fans go. To see them canadian boy play. So yeah, there would be no way, that trade would happen. Ignoring the fact that B.C wouldn't want to trade in the first place i would think.

Make the trade but only if they throw in Joe Smith.

never say never, didn't any of us expect what has happened so far. if it is a rumor so be it. if it becomes reality then we have insurance @ QB for the future.

Insurance at QB is much more important than Jesse (who I think the world of )especially when it's Buck Pierce! :cowboy:

No Deal.

open another suitcase

I doubt that this trade would happenbut...yes...Jesse may attract fans, but so would Buck Pierce as QB. Especially if he played as well for us ashe did for the Lions.