Rumor in todays Sun

Rumor has it the John Hufenagel will be the head coach of the Stamps next year. Reports in the Sun stated that he has been golfing during the summer months with Ted Hellard. Stay tuned!
Did I mention both men are very good friends. It states regardless of what happens in the playoffs this may be a done deal.

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I read the same thing. I hope this does not happen,“yet” as I feel Higgins still deserves to be head coach. Huffy however could probably land a job with Eskies “soon”

That wouldn't surprise me. Hufnagel has a good rep in the CFL.

Well it seems higgy will have a job somewhere in the organization but it seems this may be reality.

Although Hufnagel will be a great coach sooner or later, I hope this news will not serve to be a distraction for the Stamps. The timing could not be worse and Higgins and the Stamps don't need this going into the Western Semi.

The Stamps need everyone focused on winning Sunday.


What a bunch of GARBAGE before the playoff game. The timing of this is awful and how about we focus on the Stampeders playoff game. Distractions like this are unnecessary and unfair to Higgins and the Stamps.