Rumor has Bramlet starting with Santos backing up

Because the game holds such little importance, word is Bombers may start Bramlet for first half while Santos will play the 2nd half. Now for full disclosure the rumor came via private email from a guy named Bomber Fanatic on another Bomber forum. I have since mistakenly deleted the email, so it`s strictly rumor at this point :oops:

Reid,Bowman and many other starters may also sit this one out, according to same source :roll:

I think this a good idea. Let Bishop see what's going on and come in 2nd half to mop up. BTW, I think Bish played great against the Als.

I think it's a mistake for the Bombers to not start Bishop. They now have some momentum with him at QB. Why stop that by starting Bramlet and getting killed?

Injury and Injury alone. Bishops hamstring has been hurting the last two games, and this game is not nearly as important as the final game. (although one can argue you need to keep up with or create distance from Edmonton as well).

I would like to see Bishop play at least a quarter, just to keep some timing in place. Other than that - I wouldn’t mind seeing the other two.

Yes, Budeborton, we may have to rely on either of the two in the future. Santos plays like a bull out there. I like what I see with both back-ups. Let them go out and have some fun.

Every starter who's healthy enough to play should play. If we win and BC loses this week we'd be in the playoffs barring an unlikely tie in the Edm vs BC game in week 19.

.......I'd like to see the back-ups get some work....ONLY if the game looks 'iffy' for a BigBlue win...We don't necessarily need these 2 pts. (would be nice but not essential)...Injuries are always a concern...BUT wouldn't it be nice to see Bramlet or Santos (would be sweetest for him) to put up a couple of tds. in Montreal....Kelly is probably 'mulling' it over...we'll see Sunday...(I can see Santo salivating at the chance....what a gamer)...

....side note.....Did anyone else see Cox of the Als. try to prevent Santos from spiking the ball in the end-zone after he plowed in for six...I loved it....heh heh... :thup: :cowboy:

Bishop should start the 1st half and Bramlet should get the 2nd half. Bishop is just getting in a groove, so it would be nice for him to continue. Then throw Bramlet in there , just to get him some reps.
The Bombers have been on both sides of the fence on resting your starters .
In 93, played Dunnigan and he blew his Achillis. In 01 rested Jones and some others and we lost our momentum . So it's a tricky situation.

Better off playing Bishop and hoping that if anything happens Bramlet (well, I hope Santos, but Bramlet is still listed as the #2) can play reasonably well in relief.

I would hate to see them start Bramlet, get killed, and then have the situation come up where they either beat Hamilton and finish second or miss the playoffs by one game, watching Edmonton get the crossover because they rested Bishop this week.

It’s not a very likely scenario, but it’s not impossible.

Bishop's hamstring is in really bad shape so it makes sense to rest him now because there won't be any other possiblities, he has to play Hamilton and then the games would be post season if they get in.

Has nothing to do with meaningless because there is no such thing as a meaningless game right now to their fan base.

That's for darn sure !! Tricky indeed, I'm glad I'm not the one having to make that decision.

Bishop has a bad limp. He shouldn't even be on the field. They have no choice.

The only way Bishop won't start is if he can't. He's had this injury for quite a while.

Bombers need to win this game, Bishop if not hurt should play would be stupid to not give him a shot even though i don't hold the bar very high for this guy, usually after he plays a great game his next one is a stinker, keep that in mind. The way Printers played in Regina and if he continues to improve I wonder what Kelly will think, still think he's nuts not signing him, time will tell, next 2 weeks its going to be interesting in the CFL

Bishop had 3 good games in a row, just recently.

Printers? I think the only reason printers played well was because he already knows the BC system and had Geroy. He would not have done that on any other team. Remember, he failed miserably in Hamilton. The receivers were not as good, but the backup QB's like Williams always did better than he did. That shows something is out of whack.

If Casey can keep his head out of his a** then he'll have great success in BC. Anywhere else in the leauge - I don't think so! BC or bust!

Just my 2 cents.

On the coaches show last night Kelly made it clear that Bishop will be starting! I didn't hear any hesitation when he was asked.

It was easy to predict that Printers would play very well in the BC system. The question still remains even if he takes them to the Grey Cup, can he do it outside of the BC system? How would Buck Pierce do in Winnipeg or Toronto? These are all unknowns.

I am actually rooting for Printers in his second chance! I rooted for him in Hamilton. Not sure he did anything to be pushing Pierce or JJ out of a shot at the playoffs, in fact that seems a bit unfair!

Glad they are going with Bishop!

I guess if the Bombers don't care if they make the play-offs this game has little importance......
If you do want to make the play-offs, I think you might try and win....

If it is a rumour, it's a stupid one.....

Look at the standings and tell me which game is more important ? MTL or the HAM game ? The MTL game has no bearing in who will finish second in the East. NONE ! The winner of the HAM WPG game gets second and doesn’t have to worry about what happens in the WEST.