Rumor flying: Regina to Host 2013 Grey Cup

Better start building more hotels Regina.

If true, good for Regina.

IMO, all CFL cities should have a chance for a Grey Cup within a decade's period.

The 4 largest stadiums should be on a cycle (BC Place, Olympic Stadium, Commonwealth and RC Center) with a smaller market in between.
i.e. a Grey Cup at BC Place then say Regina, Olympic then Hamilton, Commonwealth then Ottawa, RC then Winnipeg and then back to BC Place then Calgary etc etc etc etc

This way all teams get at least one Grey Cup within a decade period which is usually foreign for most small markets.
Yes, the largest stadiums/markets will get two Grey Cups during the same period, although these cities usually host most Grey Cups and inherently produce the most revenue..

I hope its not true. the temp. seats last time were so terrible. There have been a good sting of great grey cup hosted games. Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, BC, Toronto.... great seating, lots of indoors. Regina is an ugly city with terrible hotels. i guess a person could stay in moose jaw.

.....ah YES.....I can just see the fans hunkering down in the end-zone seats with the white-stuff flying and drifting on the field.... football the way it should be played....I LIKE IT :thup: :rockin:

I dont mind it being played that way. just not how it should be watched.

have you actually been to either one? 95 or 03?

do you know that both games that were held in Regina were complete successes? they did so well and many people declared them the greatest events ever for Grey Cup Weeks.

Regina having the Grey Cup is a complete no-brainer.

I was at the 95 grey cup. the stands were waving back and forth so much i was scared to stand. hopefully they have some new safety laws in sask now.

yes i know all rider fans declared it the greatest grey cup week ever blah blah.
were all aloud an opinion. mine remains this isnt the best move. WHEN regina gets a new stadium im all for it. but not until then.

The hordes of watermelon wearing bandito's are going to be hosting the 2013 grey cup.Apparently 13 is their lucky number :lol:

Regina has hosted Grey Cup twice and it has been a HUGE success both times.

Love to go out to Regina for a GC some time but not in that stadium they have now paying the bucks I"d have to from S Ont and I don't have a lot of money. Not going to happen.

Show me a stadium first that garners the money I have to spend to get out there from S Ont and Riders, then we'll talk, until then, no thanks. Same with any stadium that at the end of November could be freezing and wet and cold and no protection. Not going to happen for me that's for sure and I love the CFL. Well in Hamilton locally no problem, then my money goes to my team here, that's fine even if the weather is crap.

Ugly city? We could get an ugly debate that would never be resolved over which cities in this country are estheticly pleasing ornot, but that’s not the point, because we will all be indoors drinking and not giving a gopher’s butt about the architecture, just like we do in every city we Grey Cup in.

Terrible hotels? The hotels are the SAME as they are anywhere else in Canada, there’s just less. So I’m not sure what you mean by terrible.

It’s like me saying, “The Stampeders have butt fugly uniforms that make me want to puke, so they don’t deserve to win a Grey Cup” Complete nonsense. The uniforms are ugly, sure, but it has nothing to do with them deserving to win or not.

ya no need to make it so personal Canadianhothead..

I don't know where you live so I can't exactly just comment on your place.

Regina may not be the biggest city or have the most amazing countryside surrounding it.. but it has a lot of passion and pride. I've been there many times and I think it is a nice city.

and it's not run by American Conglomerates like Calgary.

I have one really good memory of the only time I spent in regina. Back in the 70s, I used to hitchhike across canada a lot. One night, a friend and I arrives in Regina pennyless. We were directed by the friendly folk there to a hostel. One of the nicest Hostels of the day. After a good night sleep, they did what no other hostel did, in my experience. They bussed a bunch of us to some other location where they fed us a really great breakfast. Wonderful people, wonderful experience for which we were truly grateful.

ugly city...not in my eyes. :thup:

I appologise to the forum it seemed as though i was too hard on the concept of regina. When the grey cup goes there, i will enjoy the game as much i enjoy any game.

My main concern for sure is the temp seating they use. IMO it was a little unsafe. I would like to see them use seating that is a little more structuraly sound then then previous encounter i had there. That was why i was hoping they would wait until the new stadium was built, where they might not need temp seats, or the seats they would use to fit the building would be more up to code.

As far as my city is ugly comment, i typed too fast and didnt explain myself properly. Every city has band neiborhoods, crime, areas we would prefer to stay... out of the nations eye. Where my concern is, Regina is a small(er) Canadian city. So those bad elements are often easier to spot in a smaller place. I have no explination for vancouver after the hockey game though. they put a lot of holes in my theory.

Obviously every place has their ups and downs. Im not trying to troll, so i wont bore you with stories of this city or that. Regina is getting the grey cup so i might as well accept and hope it turns out awesome. And hopefully they bring in a few more maids for the hotels.

...I don't see any problem with this, Regina will put on a very good show as they are fiercely proud of their city...yes the stadium is not the best in the league, but whatever, the GC needs to be spread around and if it's sask's turn then so be it, fair is fair...'ll be winnipeg vs. calgary anyway, lets see the riders deal with that :twisted: :twisted:

i said i was sorry dood.

Calgary and winnipeg would better then Calgary and baltimore.