Rumor flying: Regina to Host 2013 Grey Cup

Via Twitter...

and the Regina Leader Post

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it's Not Official but people are expecting the announcement to be done soon.

I hope Regina lands it, the fans certainly deserve it. Who knows, with the temporary seating set up, they might set some franchise attendance records.

Hopefully this also helps push for the new stadium in Regina.
Sometimes when teams are winning or hosting big events it helps push forth such projects.

Wow. This is out of left field. Great news if it's true.

Never thought they would give the game to Regina for a looong time. Thought for sure Winnipeg would get '13. then Ottawa, Hamilton, Montreal in no particular order after that.

I'm believing it has something to do with the last season in Taylor Field/Mosiac. assuming that they get the stadium built in time for 2014.

they probably want to close off Mosaic with a bang! right?

last game of the season guaranteed for Mosaic..

NO Way maybe Winnipeg if they get their Stadium completed. when Regina gets a new stadium then they will be in the running for a Grey Cup.

maybe the anouncement is that the riders are building a new stadium?

it's more likely the 101st grey cup, but who knows for sure?

Oilerrocker, they’re set to announce it on October 13th… so it’s more or less a done deal. :thup:

read the article…

Oct 13th is the announcement date for 2013 Grey Cup Game.

Then after its completed should they get a Grey Cup. The league needs as much revenue as it can get. besides sitting in -30C is just way to uncomfortable for fans and players. The NFL plays the Superbowl in only southern Cities or covered stadiums for a reason.

Super Bowl 2014 will be played in NewYork/New Jersey and it’s uncovered. There has been more than enough great football games in sub cold weather. Grey Cup 2013 in Regina; Party time :cowboy:

i did read the article. it is not difinitive. it is speculative.
maybe you should re-read it.

ya but they did that when they announced the 2010 game in Edmonton too… I remember the speculation before it was official, same deal.

Rider Grey Cup in 2013! :smiley:

I’m guessing you don’t go to too many Grey Cup games do you?

the 2010 game was pretty cold… not -30 but when you’re sitting in your seats for 3 hours it gets COLD!!

i know, I was there… brrrr

2009 was nice, but that is an rare thing. usually unless it’s indoors, the Game gets cold. this is the CFL it’s known for having Cold Grey Cup Games.

will they change the name of the game to the igloo cup :stuck_out_tongue:

or snow cup
or snow cone cup
or ice bowl cup
or.... :wink:

Actually I've been to quite a few. The last one outside was 2002 in Edmonton. started out great but come 4th quarter I just wanted it over. at that point I didn't care who won, after that I said never again, give me a big screen and cold beer and a comfortable chair with lots of friends.

Was at the game last year. It wasn’t really cold at all. Like -3ish. -6 or 7 by the end of the game.

Western Final in Calgary -17. THAT was cold. But I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Was at the '95 GC in Regina. 40 mph wind gusts. Even though kickoff temp was 0. Never been so cold in my life. But I’d do it again.

Calgary in 2009 wasn't cold either. I don't think it's really an issue. Half the time it's not even that cold on Grey Cup sunday anyways. When you consider already half the time the game is played in a dome, it's only once in a while you get the bitterly cold games. But guess what? That's part of the CFL and the lore and novelty of the game. I think if once every 3 or 4 Grey Cups it's really cold that okay. We can live with it.

ya, well we're lucky, the next two Grey Cups are indoors.. so we get a break.

It seems pretty likely, which is cool. In my opinion, nothing like a good cold-weather Grey Cup game, especially if it's in bad weather, so I like it when it's outside and in colder winter cities.

It'd be better if it were in a new stadium though. Or at least hopefully it's something that can get the ball rolling for that.