Rumor entire offensive staff to be fired in sask

Rod Peterson breaking news...
Just a rumor right now

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i’m hearing via various media twitter rumblings that it’s Maas for sure and maybe also Dickenson. but no higher than coaches.

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Its a start. ODay next.

Whar about the o-line failure

Not to be rude but what do you think it means when the ENTIRE O coaching staff is about to be fired. It could also mean Cody will not be the scape goat :goat: or sacrificial lamb :sheep:

I think he's referring to the GM's utter failure to find suitable personnel to man the O Line. That falls on ODay, who should also lose his job IMO



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Dickenson and O'Day will stay.

Maas, Sorrells and Moore are gone

Pity about ODay. I imagine the coaches cap is the reason he gets a repeieve.

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The only thing we dont know is if he tried to improve the o line but players knowing who the coaches on offense were sinply weren't interested in playing for the riders

Thats not to say that the gm should stay as if its true that they tried then the gm should have made the coaching changes then

Be interesting to see if this means cody may stay ....

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With Dicks staying, I wonder if the odds go down. Hard to trust him after the lie about "taking a vet day". Not to mention ODay hasn't been tripping over himself to extend the qb, either.


i think with Dickenson still there as HC, Fajardo's riders days are over.

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Can you elaborate, please? I'm not familiar with this story.

When Fajardo was benched, he was told before that week's practices began, but he was gagged to prevent him from speaking about it.
Then when the press asked Dicks about Fine taking reps after the bye week, the coach made Fajardo look lazy by saying he "took a vet day". The press came down on Fajardo for taking a day off after the week off, and Cody was not allowed to defend himself by saying anything. Then, a day later, Dickenson's lie was exposed anyway when he admitted that he had benched Fajardo.


I’m sure fajardo will be laughing when he hops on the plain to leave Regina. If he did stay he would be taking a reduced rate, so I’m sure he won’t be back. He will go to let’s see, Winnipeg. To back up collaros, and why not, that;s where all our other cast offs go to win grey cups.

I dont think Floaty is liked in the locker room. At least thats what some folks like Eddie Steele are saying

I assume "floaty" is Fajardo?
Im not saying he doesn’t have his issues.... slow to make a read, locks onto receivers, inaccurate with the deep ball... I've mentioned all of this in the past during game threads, even when the Riders were 4-1.

Bu I think he is servicable behind a decent oline and with an oc that can tap his strengths.

Rothiesberger and Peyton Manning were both hated in their dressing rooms. As I recall, Kent Austin was no ray of sunshine, either. Leadership and popularity are not always the same thing.

There are certainly better qbs out there. I don’t think BLM at his present age and state is amoung them, and I don’t think many, if any, are available. Or would want to be available to work behind an ODay built OLine.

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If he can stop being a whiney little drama queen then maybe bring him back with an incentives based deal.