Rules- What would you like the CFL to (re) implement?

A hot topic of discussion this week has been about rules, specifically the CFL's decision last year to allow a blocker on punts and kickoffs to engage an opponent from the front only instead of from the side. The end result was more penalties on kicks and a dramatic drop in the number of special-teams touchdowns.

What would you like the CFL to change or examine in terms of rule changes?

The blocking rules on kicks, as Marcel Desjardins weighed in on in the last article I read. Side blocks should be made legal again to help open up the return game.

Oski Wee Wee,

there should not be that many kick returns for tds. anyone who wants that much scoring should watch basketball. front only blocking is righteous. the more rare a return for a td is, the more special each one will be. also, eventually, return teams will get the hang of it and there will be more tds than last yr.

I agree. It not so much an increase in towndown off of kicks I'd be looking for but better field posession would help the offence and decrease the length teams have to drive more than likely will increase scoring.

BINGO...and it is not NBA or AFL scores I'm looking for, just 2005-level scoring would work leaguewide -- it's a starting field-position/ drive length issue.

Oski Wee Wee,

still, if you want midfield type possesions all the time, then you might as well be watching afl. Marching the length of the field for a td is pure real football. I would rather not see constant midfield possesions, move 20 yrds, kick field goal, over and over again.

Now, maybe if they moved the fieldgoals to the back of the endzones, then they would at least have to move the ball further to made fg attempts.

They need to get rid of the extra point if you miss a field goal....

FYB, I get some of your position, but given last year's anemic offensive output leaguewide, I think a correction is needed.

It's not that teams had "constant" midfield possessions in the pre-2006 game, either. What happened last year is that teams exchanged possessions at the 25-yard lines far too much since the special teams efforts were gridlocked.

The IWS TD-shutout nightmares would have been somewhat alleivated had the old rules been in place, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

dont see the pic play called anymore, for along time, and clipping? it used to be a penalty but for what?

Has the rule been changed so a penalty is not called
when a d-back makes incidental contact with a receiver
who is definitely not the target of the quarterback's pass

and the pass is in the air when the contact is made?

Bring back the OLD Football !!!!!

Get rid of the COMPLETELY ASININE ball that has stripes stitched in.

Get a ball that QB's can throw and league wide scoring would improve IMMEDIATELY.


I'd like to see the rule of "code" or class where officials call holding and clipping calls the same for the home team as well as the bad guys (visitors)....
I'm thinking Rogers Center calls against Ti-Cats

A point is not awarded for missing a field goal.

1 - What they should do is create incentive for returns of kicks that enter the end zone by not placing the ball on the 35 yard line. Place it on the 15 or 20, then you'd see less conceded rouges.

2 - I's also like to see a return to the previous blocking rules for kick returns.

3 - Also, implement a rule to discourage punting out of bounds much like the kickoff rules. Keep the ball in play, make them play the game.

4 - Also go back to older format for overtime. Why they took the kicking game and return game out of overtime is beyond me. They're such an integral part of the Canadian game.

On kick returns as long as the players helmet is on the front side of the player he is blocking they should let it go. I agree the we don't want to see 3 kick returns for TD's in every game but the amount of penalties called on punts or kick-offs slow's the game down way too much.

Landry had a great rule suggestion on the FAN590 morning show this morning.

Get rid of the extra point for a missed field goal only if the opposing team deoesn't have a chance to take it out of the endzone. This would prevent teams from hoofing it wide right through the endzone for a single.

That way it's not a point for missing a field goal but the other team actually conceding the point.

Absolutely right scotty_dog!

The rouge only on returnable kicks from scrimmage is something thats been mentioned several times on this site only to get shot down over and over... I think its perfect...

Now requiring all kicks from scrimmage to be returnable... that being to touch a return team player or the field of play before bouncing out... that's an item of contention but I would vouch for it too.

I'd also look at getting tougher on ileagle contact on recievers after 1 yard and the game ball.

Those changes won't turn the CFL into basketball. It will make it was it was before the 2006 season.

Yeah, I would prefer to see more well executed drives for t.d’s than a bunch of returns for them. And they should change rules to help create a better flow to the games, like cracking down on illegal contact on the receivers and protecting the q.b’s better, there was way too many q.b injuries last year and the refs were way too inconsistant with how they called roughing the q.b.

I'd like to see the posts moved to the end of the end zones as this would give the passer better views for passing. But this can't happen with 20 yard end zones so this one is a non-issue I guess.

But this can't happen with 20 yard end zones
sure it can.

Something to look into at least, thanks FYB!