Rules.. the "Why were they made?", Question.

ok so apparently, the NFL doesn't allow punters to attempt to go after the ball on a punt.. :roll:

My question is why?

just like why does the NFL not have an option after a field goal to take it at the 35 yd line?

I really don't understand the logic behind some of their rules..

is it because of field size? limitations? tradition?

would the NFL ever hold an exhibition game in Canada and play it on a CFL sized field? just to see what would happen?

there are a lot of these odd questions that I have..

Cause I heard something years ago, about the NFL.. and it was.. that if the NFL could fit the CFL sized fields into their stadiums that they would use their field size.. but because a lot of football teams share with baseball, that they cannot fit the fields into the stadium!

I don't know where it came from but I do remember hearing this.

Its possible, Is the CFl size field actually 100 meters by 50 meters, as american field is in Yards?

IF Canadian football ever shrank the field to American dimensions, there would be room for expansion in all CFL stadiums!

[quote="Massdestruction"] , Is the CFl size field actually 100 meters by 50 meters, as american field is in Yards?[quote]
NO. Canadian footballs fields were set long before we went metric. At least not unless 65 yards = 50 metres

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There is an excellent article on the CFL homepage now that answers to some degree this loaded question as it stands from a historical standpoint as a few of us have discussed at length also in various threads:

[url=] ... -137-years[/url]

The article referenced above is the very best I have read of the matter of the origins of the gridiron game most of us love in its two dominant flavours in North America, and I write that after reading quite a few fine contributions and links otherwise in this forum.

Modern day Australian Rules Football (Aussie Rules), derived from its oldest known set of laws since at least 1859 and played at one time also with a round ball, is about as close as one gets to football as played under different and varying rules in North America at the time of these matches between McGill and Harvard.

Note these matches took place a few years after formation of the Football Association and the Rugby Football Union in 1871 in London from which many sets of rules for football games played in North America were derived.

Actually down in Medicine Hat I think it was 2 years ago, the Calgary Dinos played the MSU Northern Lights (Montana) and how they did it was every time the Dino's had the ball it was Canadian rules and everytime the USA team had the ball it was American rules, it was interesting how they set it up.

[url=] ... 03286.html[/url]

Here's the best article I could find on the topic....

I believe the final score ended up being 30-19 MSU over Dinos

There's something called the SasKota bowl, an annual football game played between high schools in North Dakota and Saskatchewan. The host province/state alternates from year to year. They use Canadian rules when playing in Sask and US rules when playing in ND.

Of note, this is a 6-man game.

I didn't realize they weren't playing with the full 11 or 12. I just checked the website, though, and it's actually a 9-man game.