Rules that a great ideas... but not really to do.

I learned that a long time ago, incompelte passes were rules as fumbles! :shock: 8) That's cool! but I wouldn't want that in the game today. with 3 downs, this game is fast enough as it is (unlike the NFL). It's is however a great pair of this leagues great history.

other rules like this are:

  1. 4 point FG (that should just be a Euro thing), or having FG worth 1 point if from less than 10 yards, 2 points from 10 and 20 yards, and then three for 20+ yards.

  2. Rules suggested by Tvor :lol: except his rubgy point system. which I'm going to try next year.

anyone else having anything to add, any cool rules! :wink:

Number 1 is a stupid rule, which has been argued many times on this forum. It basically penalizes a team for moving the ball farther down the field. And forward progression should never be penalized.

I’m not suggesting it, I’m saying it’s a good rule to think abou, but not to do, because of the reason given above.

But it wouldn,t be a bad idea to try it out in an Exhibition game, but it has already been done somewhat by the WFL in 1975, and they scraped that idea.

Isn't there a rule that if you kick an FG like a punt and make it, it's 4 poins instead of 3? if there is, that a good compromise.

Wow, I am suprised anyone remembered. What about this one. Instead of the regular convert, you can go for 2 (same as today), but if you need an extra instead of going for 2, you can kick the convert from the 50 for 3, if you miss, you get nothing.

What about this: if you can knock the ball between the uprights with your forehead and while you're gagged, you get your picture on Sports Illustrated's next cover.

Anyone like that rule proposition?

Not on Sports Illustrated
On the wheaties box

......if the kicker tells the ref before the snap of the ball he is trying to hit the upright (i.e. - a 'called' shot) and he does he should get 25 points.....but then again WTF do I know......

I agree with that proposition R&W, but only if the points are awarded to the kicker only and not to his team. Then, you could have such a score:

  • Calgary: 17
  • Edmonton: 20
  • Sandro Deangelis: 25

If the kicker wins the game with his 25 points, he should get his name added to the standings, get two points and compete with Hamilton for a playoff spot. Yeah.

But could you have a kicker VS a team in the Grey Cup?

Would make a hell of a crossover race, though. . .