Rules Questions

Looking for some clarification on a couple things - all you smart types out there please help!

  1. During the Sask/Win game last week, the commentators made a point of saying that there were no challenges allowed during the last 3 minutes of the game except if the ref up top asks for it.
    During the Mon/Ed game, a challenge was allowed during this time from the coach (crap! can't remember which team)

So which is it? Or are they just changing the challenge rules from week to week?

  1. If you put a knee down in your own end zone while holding the ball, does this not give up a point? If so, why did this not happen in the Sask/Cal game playing right now?

Thanx for your expertise!

I thought it was the last two minutes.

Havent seen the knee, so cant comment.

It was a Calgary interception in their own end zone, and the guy took a knee immediately.

No point if you go to a knee on an interception. Just on kick/punt returns.

BigU - thanx for the info. I won't swear at the TV anymore... about THAT anyway!

I suspect these answers aren't going to stop all the swearing after that debacle, but...

The rule on replay is only the upstairs video person can call a review in the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter.
The Montreal coach threw his flag, but that is not why there was a review.
He may have done so as a stall, or to make sure the upstairs guys knew they should be looking, so he may have influenced their decision, but technically, he didn't challenge anything--despite what the announcers said.

And I'll confirm what the BigU said.

As far as the challenge rules go . . . the only answer we can give is that the Refs are completely useless and the CFL would be better off using the honour playground system. Send the refs home and just let the players call the penalties. It would probably just as if not more accurate than the refs.

Please note: the refs are garbage.

So here is a rule question.
If a team gets a first down on a play, but are then given a "dead ball" foul--a rough play call after the play is over, and they march the yardage off, should it still be 1st and 10?
Or should the play be 1st and 25?

technically, he didn't challenge anything--despite what the announcers said.
Don't even get me STARTED on the announcers! I long for the glory days of the CBC strike.

1st and 10