Rules on this forum are a joke!!!!

I've had about enough. Most of the posters on the Bomber site are great, but there are some who do nothing but come on "OUR" site,troll and try to pick fights and start arguments about everything even though this is not tolerated on other teams forums it IS allowed on the Bomber forum. I guess we are hated that much after all!!! I've run into very ignorant posters on other sites,Hamilton being the worst by far! I've always been respectful on other teams forums but I've run into very disrespectful posters on the Bomber site and it's interesting to note that NOT ONCE has a Mod ever that I can recall come on the Bomber forum and warned or kicked certain individuals out of here. But I have seen it on other team forums.
What a joke! I've been on this football forum for over two years and the double standard garbage along with the exception trolling BS on the Bomber forum is absolute ignorance at it's best. I don't care about any of the two-faced Mods who may respond to this my opinion, NONE of these individuals that are visible from time to time are worth the "TITLE" that has been bestowed upon them! RW,ro1313 and Billy_Soup in my opinion are the only fair Mods on this forum and if I get kicked out of here for expressing my opinion then so be it!!


I do agree that the trolling in the Bomber forum is excessive and there does appear to be no one monitoring the goings on here. It doesn't help that the only mod who was apparently a Bomber fan has stopped coming to this forum and the other mods seem to stick to their team's forums and only come in here if a post is reported or there are complaints sent directly to them about trolling. If there was a mod who came in here regularly things may be different but until that happens I don't see there being any change. It would be nice if the mods were more proactive rather than reactive in monitoring this forum.

As for the global mods, the ones I've dealt with have, with one exception (who ironically is one of the mods you've named), been responsive and courteous to any concerns I've had. I can't comment on mods specific to certain forums (ie the Lions and Ticats forums) as I haven't had any dealings with the Lions mods and the Ticats mods have never responded to any PMs I've sent (those PMs had nothing to do with anything said in posts BTW).

Actually, I think this is the only decent forum on the site.

Too many cry babies in the other ones with their fingers on the red button.

Be honest, pigseye, the trolling in this forum can get pretty bad at times. I'm pretty sure I've seen you comment about it too. I'm not saying there is constant trolling going on but there are some people who come in here for no other purpose than to insult or belittle Bomber fans and/or the Bomber organization and that shouldn't be allowed.

It is Mike Kelly's fault.

You guys should not complain about how this forum is run. But you should concern yourself about something more important, and that is how the Bombers are run. You guys constantly complain about trolling. But in reality you are complaining about Bomber fans who have a problem with how the team is run.
These are issues you should be concerned about if you say you are Bomber fans.
Loss of corporate sponsorships
Loss of fans who attend games
No Grey Cup win for over 19 years
An incompetant coach who has declared war on media, and fans.
fines handed down from the CFL
poor management
A circus atmosphere that has prevailed all season.
The Pac Man jones incident
Kelly's spy gate
A lousy team with no QB
A new stadium that appears won't be built for 20 years
Handing the team over to a dubious businessman

And I could go on and on. These are the issues you should concern yourselves with if you say you are Bomber fans. Many of us are not satisfied with the Bauer status quo. There are more important issues at hand. You should worry about the above and not that someone has left the forum. It shows that many of my fellow Bomber fans have their priorities backwards.

hx i do agree that you have valid points, but also i think it goes too far at times... i dont see bomber fans going on any other sites saying how lousy their coach is, or stadium is etc... its fine to bring up... but its so persistent among non bomber fans on this forum.. i dont post a ton on here but i do on several other pro sports websites and this really is the biggest "battlefield" i think ive stumbled across...

the biggest problem imo is not the criticism, because a lot of it is valid, especially this season. the biggest problem is the manner its brought up... usually brutally harsh, and somewhat disrespectful. and when loyal fans stick up for the team... it just gets ugly.

ps my 2nd paragraph is not aimed at you hx: but there are several posters with no motives other than picking fights

After much prayer, I have decided to offer myself up as the Bomber forum moderator. As your moderator I promise to be fair but quick with my judgements. If elected I would put in place a 3 strikes and you are out policy. All those that are in agreement, please email the apropriate people with my name etc and see if they are open to this.

I'll just put one qestion out there.

Does anyone think that Lyle Bauer would allow Mike Kelly to treat his wife and son the way Kelly has treated the fans, media and others ?

good question!

You're absolutely right, I have 'threatened' to report a post in the past, which seems to be enough to straighten out most trolls. If you don't like a post, just hit the report button, red&white or someone will take care of it if warranted. It's not our job to decide what stays or goes around here, that's for the mods. All I'm saying is the system works, even if sometimes you don't like the reply from the mods.

We had a Bomber mod at one time, hankthetank, don't know what happened to him or why someone else didn't take his place ?

I agree we do need a Bomber mod though.

Hey paul, what does the stamp say on that beautiful women in your sig line ?

.....i have to agree to a certain seems sometimes that fans from other sites come on here (which is supposed to be a sanctuary of sorts) to dump on our city, team, coach and gm.....IF we were to do that on other fans forums we would get told by a moderator to 'respect' their space....Has it happened here....yes...As i recall chief came on here and waved his finger...HOWEVER the same people return with their garbage and nothing seems to be done...The rules for the Bomber site seem to be ....'you can take the level of poop dumping a little further than at other team sites'....Maybe it appears that way because we are very controversial at this point in time....dunno... It's very disturbing that the one Bomber mod. has hit the road (if that's the case) Could be a reason why a lot of 'happenings' on here are left unaddressed....I don't mind a fellow fan of the CFL discussing football and can take the trash-talk when it applies to the game....When it becomes personal to the extent of making fun of our gm because of his disease (cancer) that's over the line....If that seems to be too sensitive and we are seemingly complaining frivilously then i think we do have a problem on this site.. :roll:

Part of the problem here is that some of the worst offenders aren't really "trolls" strictly defined, but rather posters who claim to be Bomber fans. . . I won't name names but I'm sure you know to whom I refer.

There is no need to go into another teams forum just to hack on them, we can do that right here and they will come running, and have to play by our rules in here. I like that, problem is we have been too soft on them.

Argos won 3 games all year, Bart is stiff, we should be all over that.

And the Riders, man they will never live that one down, learning to count, with Kavis Reed, could be a syndicated series.

How about, welcome to mediocrity TiCat fans ?

The Gnome continues to rule Edmonton, we fleeced the Stamps in the trade.

Get nasty people and quit feeling sorry for yourself.

If posters would be so kind as to use the "report post" feature available on each and every post made on any forum on this website, you would find your concerns would be addressed in a timely fashion. It has proven effective when used in this forum, as well as in other forums, in the past.

Hey paul, what does the stamp say on that beautiful women in your sig line ?
I think it`s just a tattoo? I really have no idea, just thought she was attractive

...testing acknowledged...

I've always encouraged people to report posts as it's the quickest way to bring an issue to our attention. Litterally hundreds of posts are made on this forum everyday, and the moderators can't be expected to read them all. It's just not possible. That's why we have to report button.

It may seem like we "ignore" this board, but it's not done on purpose. The reason some of the other team boards are "better" moderated is because we're all fans, and as fans, we post in our respective team boards. RedandWhite is a Calgary fan, so he posts in the Calgary board, jm02 is a Saskatchewan fan, so she posts in the Saskatchewan board, I'm an Edmonton fan, so I post in the Edmonton board, etc. As a result, we notice problems quicker in those boards. However, that doesn't mean we just shoo away the other team boards. We do peak in. But as I mentioned before, a lot of posts get made, and this board seems to be one of the more active.

You said Hamilton are worst by far. So what are you complaining about.

Since I've joined, I don't threaten to report, I just report (I'm sure the mods will attest to that).

When I looked at his profile, it says that last time hankthetank was logged on here was in early July so he does seem to have gone elsewhere.

So mods, what does it take to get a new mod appointed who is a Bomber fan?

On a different matter, why are signature pictures being allowed to get so much bigger in the past month? The guidelines say a height of 80 pixels or less but I was told that the "unofficial" guideline is about 150 pixels in height but there are a lot of recent signature pictures being used that are bigger than the unofficial maximum. Examples in this thread are PaulPearson's new signature picture which is almost 350 pixels high and HfxTc's which is 300 pixels high (don't mean to pick on you two - you both just happened to post in this thread).