Rules for the NFL

I have a few rules that I’d like to see the NFL adopt.

1. Have two time outs per team instead of three
2. Have two minute warings in the 1st and 3nd quaters, which are just like time outs under NFL rules becase the clock still runs after a play (out 3 mintues in the 1st, and 5 mintues in the 3nd)

3. Returning teams must run kickoffs back out of the end zone, unless the kick goes through the end zone. All kickoffs into the end zone must be brought out. If a kick returner does not make it out of the end zone, the kicking team is awarded a safety. The only way for a team to receive a touchback is if the ball is kicked all the way through the end zone.

The reason why I like to see more warings is to stop the clock enough so that a team as a better chance at winning the game.

the last rule is an XFL rule that the CFL does (by way ofa single instead of a safety) that I’d like to see the NFL do to encorage returns.


The NFL purists will shoot you down. Why Timeouts in first and third quarters? I don't understand the logic on that one.

I'd like to see them adopt the NCAA / College timing rules.

(1) 25 second clock
(2) Clock stops on first downs.

And I'd like them to get rid of the fair catch rule. ( Yawn, the most boring play next to taking a knee.)

yeah, Fair Catch sucks , but somebody got to do it, although I never call it on Madden (hence why I have the most fumbles :lol:)

Not timeouts, Sport, warings, in the NFL, they are just like time outs, unlike in the CFL where the clock always stops after the three minute warings on Runs, Frist Downs, etc.

I like 3 time outs, but I agree with the must run the kick out. I'd also get rid of the fair catch, and make it a free ball past 10 yards so the receiving team must return it. There guys gets millions of dollars a year to return kicks and call a fair catch? The rules prevent a proper description of that.

I really like forward motion for receivers, and a little more contact allowed by D-backs too.

another idea I have for the NFL is to increase the in zones to 15 yards.

Sorry KK, that one I'll have to disagree with you on. I love the smashmouth goaline offense and the catches in tight spaces in the end zone. Almost every game you see a great end zone catch toeing the line

I also think it's time the NFL adopted it's 4 point FG rule from the NFLE.

I don't think 2 field goals should be worth more then a TD. Gotta earn your points

Although if I made a coin toss, I let the away team have possession at the first half, and the home team have possession in the 2nd half, and have the toss just decide which goal to defend.

Guess I have to give that one to the NFL, but I believe that happens in Madden if you let the Com play both sides.

I'd also like to see the NFL do the run the clock after an incomplete pass until they drop it.

why doesn’t the cfl change some rules. It has a great game but you can’t see it. The stuipid field goal posts are in the way. I like the 10 yard endzones in the nfl too.

what cant you see? Why not just watch the NFL and stop complaining

Are you one of those people who needed a blue dot to follow a black puck on white ice.

the CFL is a passing game, they need bigger endzones, you can't throw the regular bomb into a 10 yard endzone, plays wont be made, 20 yards is nescisary(err sp?) in the NFL once teams get into the red zone they can just ran the ball play after play, where in the CFL they have to keep passing doesnt matter if there on their 10 yardline, there still gonna make deep passes into the back on the endzone.

damn, when did the NFl start playing on ice with a black puck???

I thought you had to be stoned to see blue dots???

never seen blue dots when im stoned, but salvia, wow... thats another thing! :expressionless:

I think the end zones suit each league. You say in the redzone teams can just run it i'd have to disagree. Inside the 5 ya but otherwise it's alot harder running in the redzone when teams can put 8 in the box and not have to worthy about the deep ball. Personally I enjoy the small endzone because of the great catches and throws in tight spaces. Not a diss but many td's in CFL endzone guys are standing wideopen waiting for the ball. Other then in tight off playaction most td grabs in NFL are great throws with the receiver trying to get both feet inbounds. I wouldn't change it in either league

End zones used to be bigger until the hash marks changed

I think it's prefect the way it is now in the CFL because:

5 yards for more TDs on passing (I hate it when in the NFL they get the ball but not the TD because they had both feet OB)

5 yards for more successful 2 point converts (I'd like to see this become the only way to convert in the CFL someday)

at least that's the way I see it.

if you ask me, I think that the NFL should add five yards to there endzones because they are too small, and no type of Football (Rugby or CFL) has end zones that small.

and do away with the Fair Catch, or at less although the Defence to be able to play the ball.

NFLE should be in Metrics, not yards.