Rules for completed pass

So the Edmonton receiver reaches over the defender, has semi possession of the ball, hits the ground and loses control of the ball. (incomplete right) No, the defender retains possession of the ball, thereby being an interception, but the referee calls it a completed pass, the play is challenged and clearly it can be seen to all it is an interception. But wait, CFL central rules in favour of Edmonton, and calls the play completed pass. If the pass defender had let go of the ball would it have been ruled incomplete? I can so no rationale for that being a completed pass.

Sorry guys, I am seeing too many calls going Edmontons way, including phantom pass interference, running three plays in six seconds at the half, and now this. The optics of this look bad.

That one play didn't seem to make a lot of difference to the final outcome, did it?Another blowout by the Als.I don't know which team I hate more the blue boys or les oiseaux!

It was a horrible decision. Takes away from an outstanding defensive play.

I was not really worried about that play as it related to the game. I just find Edmonton gets a lot of calls going their way so far over the season. I love solid hard hitting defense and when a good play is made i think it should be rewarded. Just can't see any reason for that to be called a completed pass.