Rules change

What, according to you, is the rule change that will have the biggest impact on the game in 2005?

nothing really huge in the changes. Correct me if I am wrong but previously if it was uncathcable the penalty was canceled. I prefer that but I am always biased towards the DB's having once been one. The other ones are really meaningless, except maybe the late submission

Less time counts on the late subs....Thats a good change.

I didn't like eliminating the uncatcheble rule. We really don't need more flags, especially if the ball is thrown 5 rows up in the bleachers!

I agree that the uncatchable ball change is dumb. Uncatchable means just that--- uncatchable

Yeah, but since the wrestling grips like the figure-four leglock aren't allowed in the second half of the game, there shouldn't be any late submissions...

the uncatchable rule is good......players would otherwise be allowed to take cheap shots when the ball is overthrown, or was their a rule before on that.

Well a cheap shot would be unnecessary roughness whether the ball is catchable or not

Right on RO1313. I liked uncatchable if the ball is way over thrown or out of bounds, the officials could pick up their flags.

On 3rd and punting, how many time counts have we seen because a team only had 11 players on. By allowing the late sub, we elimate this silly exercise...Good rule change!

I thought the rule only applied on kickoffs, for late submissions that is. coming in and giving westwood a triangle choke is one rule that should always be allowed

While I can appreciate the desire to protect receivers, the rule just creates another "out" for those referees who can make quick or correst calls. As it's posted on this site it reads:" If a player commits pass interference when a forward pass is deemed uncatchable , it shall be ruled as illegal contact on a receiver." I thought "illegal contact on a receiver" was contacting a receiver before the football has been thrown. So what's up with this blurring of the rules.

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