Rules and lack of fallowing them

I want to know how the ref's get picked for these games. because the ref's for the 2007 Grey Cup Game allowed multiple rule breakage. which was all going in Sask's favor. there were clearly three Sask. ball snaps after the 30 second clock had hit zero then the ball was snapped. but that was never called, and there were multiple offsides that were also missed and those also went in Sask's favor.

What are you planing on doing about this???

As a fan I feel that this is what will make people not want to watch a game that is controlled by the ref's in stead of the players!!!

I feel that this game could have been great and may still have gone in Sask's way but the ref's had ruined the game for me.

I feel that there need to be a factor of responsibility of the ref's to make the game a game, not a handing of wins and losses.

call whine one one hoo...

send a whaaaambulance

...couple PIs that could have been called on the Bombers, too...wanna start keeping score, or shall we just stop our complaining?

..btw, how do you fallow a rule?...

Funny, I thought that for a change, we had a game without bad officials' calls tainting the result. Guess you can't please everyone.

Although I didn't notice anything of which you said, particularly being in one teams favour.

I do agree, however, that the reffing in the CFL has to be critically evaluated, too many poor calls over the course of the season that could have been game breakers.

Oh well though, they are human just like all of us... Mistakes are going to happen but limiting them is definitely plausible.

…exactly my friend, I thought to that this was a game where I didn’t even see an official…

I thought the refs did a great job in this game.

As did I

a few bad calls where equaled out by karma - calls did not decide the game. The bomber coach did what any good coach would do and challenge anything possible to give his team the edge. No this time it was all left on the field - the rest is for the history books

You cant blame Berry for challenging the calls....well except the challenge of the challenge

That challenge of the challenge that was unable to be challenged was priceless...

One beef I have about the challenges when they show the booth. Man that makes the CFL look bush league. My buddy was joking that the room looked like the broom closet. And the TV's they use....come on, get some HDTV's boys!

Same here. There weren't that many flags, and they got all 3 video replays correct. Good game by the officials. Never thought I'd say that this season. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was so glad when the official slapped him with a delay of game penalty!

I still can't get over the monitors they were using. You have to shop around very hard to find anything but LCD monitors - those things looked about 10 years old! I bet they had an emachines celeron 300 in there somewhere lol

Wow, just wow.

Extremely immature.

Gotta remember that CBC's clocks aren't offical.

call whine one one
call a whambulance
Wow, just wow.

Extremely immature.

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
The season is over - get over it and let it go - You spend alot of time trash talking and when posters held you to account you changed plans and now are the taker of the high road.

The season is over - let it go!