Rule when a pass hits an official?

My understanding is that officials are considered a part of the playing field in Canadian football as well as in most/all other similar team sports. Therefore there’s no protesting interference if an official gets in a player’s way.

But what if a pass hits an official? Is it a dead ball because the official is considered a part of the field like the goal posts or the ground? Or is it considered a live ball because the ball didn’t touch the turf?


So far, I’ve found this in the 2019 CFL Rule Book.

[b]RULE 1 – CONDUCT OF THE GAME SECTION 4 – DEAD BALL NOTE:[/b] A ball lying on the ground and not in possession of a player is not dead. A ball striking an official is not dead except on a forward pass.
And further...
[b]RULE 6 - PASSING SECTION 4 – FORWARD PASS Article 1 – Definition & Possession [/b] A legal forward pass is thrown by any Team A player from a point behind the scrimmage line, towards the opponent’s Dead Line, to any eligible receiver or receivers. [u]The ball shall not touch[/u] the ground, any part of the goal post assembly, [u]an official[/u] or any other object.

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