Rule question

I had a house full during the Toronto game so I could be wrong, it appeared Barker challenged a dropped latteral pass to Stamps. He won the challenge and it cost us 8 yards even though Stamps was not tackled. Is that what actually happened?

I could be wrong; I think the Ref blew the play dead (to them) it looked to be an incomplete pass, although Stamps did end up with the ball after the bounce. At that point Barker did challenge and the play was ruled a lateral; thus the whistle had been blown so the play was dead; end result was yards lost.

Thanks Backer :thup:

How do you get an 8 yard loss on a play where there isn't a tackle (or out of bounds)??? That's not cool.

After the challenge was won by Barker (determined a lateral), the line of scrimmage now becomes where Stamps got the ball from the bounce because the play was ruled dead (incomplete pass) at that point. There is no other choice.

Ya it was a silly seres of events . I'm more concerned with that brutal PI call in our end zone. Good thing we won but what if TO would have tied the game?

Just saying.......Duval and the Esks D would have done the Job; although I know what you're getting at.