rule clarification

if any one knows is an interior lineman allowed to take the ball from the center after the qb touches it. it has come up in our high school league. i believe that the interior lineman is always ineligble for a pass and a running play is always a handoff pass according to the rulebook.

An interior lineman can take the ball from center directly, as long as he is one yard back from LOS, the QB need not touch it. This is commonly know as the "guard around". The "centre sneak" is the play you see from time to time that is almost always exectuted illegally. For it to be legal, the QB would need to take the ball, step back a yard and wait for the centre to also take a step back and then hand him back the ball...which is way too much choreography for most high school players. What you usually end up seeing is the centre snap the ball back hitting the QB's hands, but then the centre takes the ball and runs......that's a no-no!

Hoss is correct.