Rule clarification?

If a punch out similar to the one that occured in Hamiltom had been punched out on say the 10 yardline and went through the back of the endzone..... then would Sask have scrimaged from the 10 or the one yard line?....
I actually prefer the NFL rule better.... Seems to be a shame that such a great play went completely unrewarded for Hamilton.

it prevented a touchdown and he will be credited for a forced fumble. No need to hand out extras because of the effort.

Don’t really care about that… I want to know if you know the answer to the first part of the question.

If the punch out would have occurred on the 10 yard line and went through the end zone, Sask would have scrimmaged at the 10 yard line.

yup, exactly.

If it was such a great play, they should have stopped Dressler before he got all the way down end zone.

The rule makes much more sense than the NFL one. Why should knocking the ball out of bounds magically change because it's in the end zone?

My goodness Blin, stop crying. Winners don't make excuses, and I think Hamilton are going to be winners this year.

Are you forgetting that I'm a Bomber fan.... cause losers definatly make excuses

Never knew that. Then why are you so upset?

And if we had the NFLs rule, Dressler's amazing play (running/dodging through the defenders and running 60 some odd yards) would have been completely unrewarded as well.

I'm not upset.......

Seems to me you are

How many threads are there going to be about that play?

Maybe a few more since both the Hamilton coach and QB seem to still be cluelessly complaining about a ruling, where the problem is they don't know the rule not that the rule wasn't applied exactly correctly.

I'm not quite sure about the CFL rule, but in the NFL it's a touchback and you get the ball at the 20 yard line.

To Blin - the rule about a loose ball going out of bounds is that the ball is awarded to the team last touching the ball either at the point it was last touched OR the point closest to the touching team's dead ball line - to the advantage of the team NOT in posession - downs continuing (i.e. you don't get a free 1st down if distance is not gained)

(note 'dead ball line', not 'goal line'...this makes rule interpretation MUCH easier on loose balls originating from the endzone and going out of bounds on the field of play and solves the problem of a loose ball batted into the endzone where it goes out of bounds)

In your specific case, the ball was last touched on the 10 YL, rolled 30 yards and went out of bounds. It was last touched at the 10, the 10 is the disadvantaged point on the field. Presumably 1st and 10 at the 10.