Rule Check

Watching the Rider game there was the secon of two successul challenges by DB. Was Matt in or out when he fumbled? The refs determined he was out and I agree. However, what no one seemed to want to mention was that the guy who hit the ball loose was out of bounds when he hit him. Can you cause a fumble if you are out of bounds?

Go Riders!!

i noticed that 2, they didnt fucus on the Montreal player who was out of bounds and then knock the ball loose.

...I believe all that happens to a player if he leaves the field of play and then re-enters the field is that he becomes an inelligable receiver...he is still able to tackle, run, perform with the TD dance team, etc.....

Can you legally make a play while out of bounds? me thinks not

The only rules I saw that apply are the following:

Note: The ball shall remain in play when it is knocked or batted back into the field of play by a player who is off the ground and who has not touched the ground or any object out of bounds.


A player of either team who goes out of bounds, except as a result of bodily contact, must remain out of that play. Penalty: L10

If such player should enter the field and touch or recover a loose ball.

Penalty: LB PF

That's a very good question and one you should pose to George Black.

Excellent question. I didn't notice that. Maybe I'll have to reconsider my earlier opinion on the refereeing.

Common sense would say yes, you cant make a play outta bounds, he is not in the field of play. If he stepped out of bounds then re-entered causing the fumble It should stand… DO I know this 100%? NO I am only speculating

It can be said that the MTL defender went out of bounds due to contact

IF he was pushed out yes, if it was incidental contact I say NO.... Ro bring up one of your patented replay streams!!

I will tomorrow

Well later today :lol:

I Thought That Rule Only Applys To Touching The Ball, And I Player That Steps Out Of Bounds Can't Be The First One To Touch The Ball. He Can Still Make A Block Therefor He Should Still Be Able To Make A Tackle, And Thus, Doesn't It Stand To Reason That He Can Cause A Fumble. He Just Can't Recover A Fumble Or Make An Interception. But He Should Be Able To Make A Force Fumble And Recover It Since The Player Fumbling The Ball Is The First Person To Touch It At The Time He Comes Back Into Play.

No, but if I understand what's being said, if the MTL player was actually out of bounds when he made the hit, he couldn't have caused a fumble.... then again, it's early, so maybe I'm not understando-ing things correctly...