Rule changes

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I'm not sure I agree with all of the rule changes, especially about the 5 interior O-linemen having to remain in place until the ball is kicked.

One thing I definitely want to see in the CFL is for those d----d red flags to stay in the zebras' pockets unless a flagrant foul occurs. IMO, there is nothing that slows the pace of the CFL game more than red flags all over the place and on every other play.

Well I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed.

With the new rules about DBs on receivers, I expect that, at least in the early going, we're going to see interference flags on almost every second play.

Sadly, MJ, you are probably right. I find that is the most annoying thing watching the CFL. There are not nearly the amount of flags in the NFL or the NCAA.

Flagrant fouls, of course, have to called. I played football on the D-line and I can say that, for all intents purposes, I was never really blocked “legally”. Holding could indeed be called on every other play. Now, it’s a delicate balance calling a good game, and allowing the game to flow and have some momentum.

In the CFL you only have two chances to move the ball the necessary yardage to gain a 1st down. If one of those plays is called back, you become one-dimensional. So, I say less flags, more plays from scrimmage!