Rule Changes

Read the changes to rules (3 in number) don't really understand. The article dosn't really say what the changes are. Help?

  1. Coaches can call time outs. This avoids confusion costing a team time.
  2. Hands to the face is clarified, to include both open and closed hands. Too many players were getting fingers in the eye, or even parts of hands coming inside the mask. Don't know the penalty.
  3. No yards is clarified, mostly to prevent players automatically infringing to prevent a runback. Tehre was an article on about it a while ago, but I can't find it.

Is this the article you're thinking of?

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Yep. Well spotted. Many thanks!

Tks guys, understand now.

8) I think the rule changes are good especially number 3. The no yards rule finally will serve it's purpose of having a returned kick instead of getting tackled and gaining only 5yds from the penalty on a return. :thup:

Agree, guys will think twice now about entering the 5 yard zone as if they are there and not in the process of retreating, it will be an automatic 15 yarder, and as before, 25 if contact made with the returner.