Rule changes for 2011 announced

I like the rule changes, especially the replay ones. I had hoped that they were going to clear up what is and is not a catch when there is immediate contact. It seemed that last year there were several occasions that it was really unclear if it was a drop or a fumble when a player caught the ball at basically the same time he was hit. This seemed somewhat inconsistent.

I think that will always be a judgment call. I don't think it's possible for the rule to be written where it can be anything but that.

I like the rule changes though. Having the incomplete pass/fumble play reviewable made consistent with the down by contact/fumble rule makes sense and, to be honest, I don't know why the incomplete pass rule wasn't changed at the same time the down by contact.

Great rule changes this year for sure; I agree with every single one of them.

More correct calls and anything to keep the ball in the field of play work best for the game we love.

Also a loophole for sake of teams who could not afford to give up a safety yet could not risk a return either has been mitigated by allowing an extra ten yards for sake of any punt going directly out of bounds between the 20s.

Now on 3rd down those teams have more reason to punt a ball that has a chance to be returned and cover it right instead of the lame conceded safety. By contrast, punting accuracy to get the ball to bounce on the outside in the field of play before going out will be more important too.

Of course a wise punter (sign me up!) can just drop kick it out of bounds too. :stuck_out_tongue: I'm good for 50 yards on those -- seriously!

I'm in good with the changes as well, like the punting change, make it more interesting I think. I think most teams will take the ball where it goes out of bounds with another 10 yards rather than a re-kick from 10 yards further back from the line of scrimmage. Just what I think. Well, unless you have a Chad Owens back there I suppose. And the wind is factor of course.

The wind will figure in the decision for sure in some cases.

Strange, none of Mullin's suggestions were used? :lol: :wink:

good change to blocking rules-

"Eliminating Blocking Below the Waist after a Completed Pass:

To promote player safety, only blocking above the defender’s waist will be allowed following a completed pass across the line of scrimmage. Blocking below the waist on such a play would result in a 10 yard penalty. Blocking below the waist had previously been eliminated on kick returns, interception returns, and fumble returns. It would still be allowed on running plays and passes completed behind the line of scrimmage."

Most definitely, we all saw how scary this can be last year when Jiminez blatently cut down Brent Johnson well after the play was past him.

Now that you mentioned it 15_Champs _Any "hits" behind the play should be flagged by the zebras if it can be ruled as unsportsman like! imo