Rule Change Thread (post all your thoughts on potential rule changes here)

Nope. Hope you don't take that offensively, just is what it is. Just want 3rd party verification, if that offends you that is your problem, not mine.

I also think you have it backwards. As I explained, in the CFL it is the last team that touches it that gets possession, even if they never had possession. In the NFL it is the last team with possession, namely the fumbling team, that gets the ball if it goes out of bounds. In short, in the NFL you are not credited with a fumble recovery without actually recovering a fumble

You can take this to the bank.


I would tell you if I wasn’t sure. It’s been that way for the 51 years I’ve watched both leagues. You can go to the trouble of looking up the actual rules then.


Ball going out of bounds on a fumble, just tell me what is the rule? My impression is last team that touches it in either league gets possession on offense. This is a 'yes' or 'no' question. If I'm wrong, prove it.

Answer is no. For the 5th time.


I don't care what you say here, not in the least. Prove it with rule book links here to actual official rule book websites from both leagues with actual written passages from both rule books.. Dinner time, and time to watch the 2nd half of the NFL game.

No thanks. I’m watching the game. This isn’t a contentious point or an opinion.

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Dallas has no one to blame but themselves. Self inflicted wounds

But the butt fumble happens once per year whereas the 2-foot in bounds happens 8-10 times per game. Such frequency makes it much more inconsistent.

I could take or leave the butt fumble. I'm okay with it as it is, but would also be okay with it if true controlled possession was required instead of last touch. It's not a big deal at all.

Agreed. They are doing exactly what they have done this year when they have played poorly. I think Green Bay won’t be happy and that they would much rather see Dallas win and go to Tampa and face the winner of tomorrow’s game instead of arguably the hottest team in the league.

Looks like another in a long line of recent playoff failures for Dallas. I guess that’s what happens when an oil man thinks he is a football expert.

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I think the butt fumble recovery happens a little more often than you cite, but certainly the in bounds catch is more frequent. In my view a rule shouldn’t be judged by how frequently it is invoked. A bad rule is a bad rule and has the potential to decide any given game, including the GC. It’s gotta go.

Opinions aside, it wouldn’t hurt if you confirmed to Aerial what the respective rules are in each league.

No, that is YOUR axe to grind. My interactions with him have been fairly productive and meaningful. If you want to keep bickering with him you're on your own there.

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Jon is correct


Yet you participated in the conversation. That is the reason I asked. Aerial asked as well. I was trying to avoid bickering.


Jon is correct. The ball goes back to the team that last possessed the ball, not merely who taps it out of bounds.


Fair enough then if this is actually correct according to the rules and if so then a difference between the two leagues on a fumble going out of bounds. I stand to be corrected so it would seem. Now as to what makes the most sense in this fumble situation thinking logically, of course, I don't know. Just quick musing here, I'm thinking I like the NFL rule more for excitement factor, not sure, but seems so since it really makes it "go get 'er" sort of thing with the ball on the way out of bounds, you could get the ball back even without any possession, at all, all you need is a little love tap sort of thing. Interesting.

I believe Jon is right, but not 100% sure

1 Bum = 2 Feet in THE NFL And 1 foot in the CFL.

I look at it as what allows you to be at rest on the floor. If you're on your bum, that to me can be a rest or balanced position for lack of a better phrase. Same with 2 feet. I would argue 1 foot isn't but we have that rule in the CFL and NCAA.

If I'm correct, years ago, a runner wasn't down until he was immobilized by the defense which is why someone like Normie Kwong had so many yards. He's well before my time but this was something someone in their 80s had told me.

So even the definition of what is "down" can change over time.



Except for our rules on kickoffs which do not require possession but just being the last one to touch the ball.

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