Rule Change Thread (post all your thoughts on potential rule changes here)

Doesn't look good for people who don't want changes.


That is a crazy set of numbers - going to take a while to digest - That said if you do go 4 downs and US rules that opens up about a zillion opportunities for expansion to the States - as those guys have a ton of stadiums down there - Maybe that is the master plan - I don't agree with it but it seems to be someone's end goal -


There's always middle grounds. Shortening end zones by themselves say to 15 yards open allows the field to fit in most stadiums.

Ripping the band aid for 4 downs will have a significant drop off in support IMO and will take a long time to build a new base


They basically did 14 yard end zones in Memphis so history agrees with you.

Totally agree with you - Rugby and Soccer pitches are allowed to vary - CFL evolved from Rugby - Don't know why there can't be a little bit of variance for CFL fields if there was a stadium that could almost fit a CFL sized playing surface -

I think it shows that most people just don't care much one way or the other about rule changes. Only 20% of that young group would become more interested by switching to NFL rules. 10% of the young group would become less interested. 70% wouldn't be affected.

The results also show that rule changes would result in somewhat increased interest on the one side but significantly decrease interest on the other.

Overall you're probably right but I was reading the last line. They were saying that younger folk wanted everything switched to NFL basically. That's not good long term. After my age group dies off the youngsters are going to be taking over.

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Actually, it says that 70% don't care either way. 20% want the NFL rules. 10% don't want the NFL rules. The more detailed analysis also shows that those who want the changes would only increase interest "somewhat" while those who are against the changes would lose their interest "signifcantly".

yeah sorry I know what you're saying but if seventy percent don't care and changing the rules would increase popularity by 10 percent I'm worried some pencil pusher will do it.

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Also I clicked on the story and read "Insights" 2 and 4 are very pro changing or investigating rule change.

It's a bit tricky to pin down the exact balance.

Overall, the results show that 16% would be less interested in NFL rules and 14% would be more interested. But of those that would be less interested, most (12%) say they would lose significant interest. On the other hand, of those that would be more interested, only 6% characterize the increase as signficant.

It doesn't give the exact breakdown of the youngest cohort, but if the overall ratios were the same, then less than 10% of that young group would be significanlty more interested while about 7% would be significantly less interested.

Overall, I think the survey shows that the ruleset is not a significant driver of fan interest.

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You mean Randy "The Pencil Pusher" Ambrosie?

Wasn't he the one that broached the subject of 4 downs to increase interest?

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I'm not specifically calling Randy a pencil pusher. I don't want to get sued or anything lol

Was it strictly to increase interest or was if for other purposes ie. to make it less intimidating, perhaps, for American qbs to take a chance to come to the CFL? Or has the CFL been speaking with the junior and university leagues and they are talking of a new 4 down standard for whatever reasons? I don't know.

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I honestly think it was just to give us something to talk about in the off season. If he likes the constant arguing then he's having a field day. :wink:

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You may be totally spot-on with that Ted, who knows. It's a long winter for us and for Randy.

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No, I don't think he was. Pretty sure he was asked a question about rule changes and he gave a vague response about looking at everything. The media then ran with the 4-down change thing.

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yeah the first I heard about 4 downs was from Dave Naylor

Was watching AEW Dynamite when I made that reference lol.

Yes I do follow Pro Wrestling not this thing called WWE Sports Entertainment.

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Dave Naylor?

Of course. Where's Farhan?