Rule change suggestions

Every year the rules are reviewed by the league and there are changes made. Some are big and some are subtle. What would you like to see for next year. Please give your reasoning for any changes. None of the suggestions I made last year were adopted so I am obviously not as enlightened about the thoughts and desires of others as I would have liked to believe. Anyway here are my suggestions for this year.
1.) Eliminate the coin toss to start the game (except for the Grey Cup which is suppossed to be a neutral field). The home team should automatically get the first choice. In that way home field really does have an advantage. All of the teams would get the advantage of first choice the same number of time during the regular season. The home team would still have all of the same options as now winning the coin toss. In baseball, the home team always gets to bat last. In hockey, the home team always has the choice of which end to defend twice.
2.) Change the rule for safeties. I feel that there are far to many safeties given up (conceeded). Yes, I know the arguement that you give up two points in exchange for field position. That is the coward's way out. I would like to see teams attempting to move the ball towards the opposition's end of the field. I would suggest that if a team is attempting that, the rule remain unchanged but if conceeded a change is necessary. I would do this by making any safety earned by the defensive team on the first or second down be worth 2 points and the ball would be kicked off from the 35 - yard line by the offensive team (the team who just had the safety scored against them) as it is now. For a safety scored on a third down (now, typically by a punter running around the endzone to kill time and then running out of bounds or by taking a knee), 2 -points are scored BUT the defensive team has the option on having the ball kicked-off to them from the 15 yard line or taking possesion at mid-field (equivalent to a 20 yard penalty). Teams would think more about conceeding a safety.
3.) I harped on this last year to no avail, but I still do not like the punting out of bounds rule. Change it to either you can or you can't but get rid of the "inside of the 20 yard line" exception. If the league wants run-backs of punts, the punt returner has by far the most incentive to try when the ball is really deep. If your special teams cannot hold the returner to a small return, you don't deserve the field advantage gained by punting out of bounds. If you do allow out of bounds as was the case several years ago, there will be little or much fewer returns. I like the rule and the penalty as it is now except for the 20 yard line exception.
4.) Video replay; it is my understanding that this will change somewhat next year to central "war-room " with a reviewing committee. That is fine but limit the time to return a judgement. There were several time this year when it took far too long. Review the play as challenged by the coach, BUT review the entire play to see if there are any contributing factors that weren't called on the play that affected the outcome. An example would be on a fumble by the ball carrier. The review shows that the carrier did fumble the ball but was being tackled by the face mask at the time and the facemasking was not called during live play. The carrier would retain possesion and the facemasking penalty would be applied. Unnoticed penalties that have no bearing on the play but are noticed during the replay would remain uncalled. In addition, a team should not be penalized if they win the challenge as incorrect call is just being corrected. Therefore the teams should have unlimited challenges, until they lose a second challenge at which point they lose 1 of their remaining time outs (they may lose their second half time out in the first half if that is all they have left). If they have no time outs to lose, the penalty is a 10 yard delay of game penalty and the loss of the right to any further challanges. The referees retain the right to a review from upsairs within the last three minutes.

I look forward to your thoughts and suggestions.

Why can't we leave everything the way it is?

Our game is fine.

I hate the topic on safeties. It's been beaten like a dead horse too many times.

I think in general we are too influenced by the American game and American rules. I AM NOT SAYING THAT YOU ARE but fans in general are swayed. I too am in awe of some of the rules that the NFL has like the 2 feet in no matter what rule but subtle differences between the NFL and CFL make our game the way it is.

Why not support our game the way it is and leave it at that?

Don't take stradegy out of the game one thing that has to go is 1 point for missed field goals this really sucks! keep it for punts though that go in the end zone. the safety thing may be looked at as it was getting annoying what was going on last year as all teams were starting to do the same thing. maybe like mentioned if you give up safety you have to kick farther back maybe the 25 or 30, or how about a team can only give up 1 or 2 safetys in a game?

The only one I would change is the fumble through the endzone. It should be touchback-esque. The offensive team retains possession but the ball is moved back to the 35.

Ur still bothered by that call during the rider game? I think if a player fumbles and it goes through the endzone they should retain possession at the place of the if the player fumbles on the 5 then they get teh ball on the 5....they shouldn't be able to advance the ball because of a fumble.

I agree possesion where last fumbled, on another rule that bothers me when a team fumbles and the other team touches it before going out of bounds then they become of possesion of the ball, change that rule, you have to control the ball not just touch it, seen where it hits a player in the leg then they get the ball, never did like this rule, it should be full possesion

Why are we influenced by the NFL? Let's not be. That rule has been in place since forever. Why do we want to change the subtle differences between the CFL and NFL.

This is my beef. We have a great game but want to change the rules. I am not against modifying the rules as the times change but this rule makes you really go after a ball that's going out of bounds because a simple touch of the ball by the other team gives them the football.

The CFL game is a beautiful thing. Why do we always want to make changes?

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Yes the game is beautiful!


  1. Too many kicking rules. All kicks (any intentional strike of the ball with the leg below the knee including punts, placekicks and the kickoff) are required to land in the field of play before going out of bounds between the goal lines not the 20 yard line! This would be to replace:

a) Kickoffs can't go out of bounds regardless of how they left the field.

b) Punts can't go out of bounds through the air unless its inside the return team's 20 yard line.

c) Place kicks from scrimmage can go just about wherever they want.

  1. The Rouge . Should only count if the kicked ball lands in the end zone or is touched by a return team player. Should also count on all kicks! Currently:

a) Rouges on kickoffs only count if they are handled by the return team

b) Rouges from scrimmage count for all kicks through the end zone regardless of returnability.

  1. Value of the Safety. Make the safety 3 points. This comes down to whether you want the game to be about continuously pushing the ball to the other team's end or not. Well the value of scoring has changed plenty of times in the last century. Why not a little tweak instead of adding all these conditions to the game? Instead of adding another penalty, or creating a new mode of the game (kickoff from the 15?), make it worthless to concede a safety. Tie it to the value of FGs. That's why they're conceding safeties in the first place.

I think football could benefit from a little streamlining. This goes for both American and Canadian football. Without so much as fundamentally changing the game, a few small changes can go a long way to make the game easier to understand, officiate and play.

Re- complaints about awrding a rouge for a missed field goal try. The complaints would make sence if it was American football, but in CANADIAN football the offence is awarded point(s) when the ball is put into the defences end zone the point is awarded because the defence failed to bring the ball out of the end zone before the ball was downed. If the defence moves the ball out, even by kicking it there are no point(s) Awarded, Because the field goal was missed and the ball was not downed in the endzone

Massdestruction, if you are referring to my post in particular concerning the rouge, I would ask you to reread it.

I hope they finally change the 15 yard no yards penalty on punts. The 5 yard penalty on the bounce is a good start. I would like to see them make them all 5 yards, with the 15 yarder being at the discretion of the ref if he felt rough play was involved.

I disagree with 5 yards on all punts
With only a 5 yarder, no-one will respect it, and you will see the flag on every punt.
Why risk more yards when you are guarentedd to only give up 5?

I like our game and wouldn't be upset if nothing was changed, but that said I'm not terribly opposed to some of the tweaking that is being suggested.

How's this for a radical change, though:

Eliminate the convert. Make every touchdown worth 7 points. There is no more boring play in football than the convert, and I don't really know what the point (pun intended) is.

sounds suspiciously like.....the.....GASP! action point

And our slogan is........

Drum roll........

If it ain't broke......

I hate making rule changes just for the sake of change.

Possibly, but we see a flag on almost every punt as it is, I think it will have the opposite affect, knowing that it's going to cost you an extra 15 yards if you go over board (5 for the no yards + 15 for rough play = 20 yards of potential penalty) imo, that would be incentive enough.

I really dont believe that we see the flag on most punts
Furthermore, there does not have to be rough play involved…
The vast majority of no-yards calls now do not consiste of rough play. Why would there all of a sudden be rough play because the penality is a standard 5 yards?

Well, the flip side of that is, how can you give a player a 15 yard penalty for doing nothing more than running downfield and being 4 yards away from a returner instead of 5 ? Is it realistic to expect the players on special teams, with everything going on around them at full speed, to know when they are within 5 yards of the punt returner ? imo, that's just asking too much of any player.

You probably will see more flags initially on a rule like this, but after a few 20 yard penalties are handed out, I bet that will change real quick.

Where we differ is that you assume there will always be an extra 15 yards for rough play and I dont.
The defender can always be withing the 5 yards and there will be no rough play involved.
Under the current rule, How many 15 yard no yards penalties have there been and rough play was never in question?

With out a rough play penalty there is no reason for the defender to give 5 yards.....they will just surround the returner, stop him immediately and give up 5.

IMO you will never see a good return with that rule change