Rule Change Proposal

Doug Flutie scored a PAT on a drop kick exercising the drop kick for points for the first time in the NFL in 84 years.

So did Jan Carenci in 83-84 with BC. Drop kick is is archaic but still viable given the current state of the rules. Also, just to clarify, when I was talking about 4 point FG's I was mentioning that the LOS would have to be 45 or more yards out, but perhaps 50 is more realistic given the way kickers can connect with the ball on their attempts these days.

got ya.

and i don't think a player can try for a field goal in this manner, but I think they can score a single, as any contact with the legs in the CFL is considered possession or a kick. There was one case where a player kicked the ball out of bounds by accident, and it was considered a punt, and the ball was given to the other team. If that is the case, one would think that a player could at least score a single.

again, I'm not really sure, would like to know if I am right or not.

I haven't read the rulebook closely in a couple of years, but I'm willing to bet that no matter when and where, if any player can put a drop kick though the posts, it's 3 points.

If the 3rd string QB does it, it's a 25 yd penalty.

( can anybody say stupid rule? )

A drop kick is when a player holds the ball in his hands, drops it so that it hits the ground, and kicks it like he would if the ball was on a tee. The main thing is that the ball has to hit the ground before he kicks it, since otherwise it's just a punt.

I can't say I agree with changing the convert system... it performs the way it should.

I do think the game needs to evolve constantly tho. I would like to see the 'out of bounds' pass made into a penalty... too many quarterbacks are throwing the ball out of bounds instead of being sacked... and I've never seen the 'grounding rule' being applied in that case. I would change the rule that if the ball is thrown and lands out of bounds without contact with any player, the penalty should be the equivilant of 'being sacked' at the point of the ball being thrown.

The same situation should apply with any kick. If the ball lands 'out of bounds' without contact with any player, or the ground inside the boundary (except the back of the 'goal area'), it should be treated just as a 'no yards penalty', with 15 yards being marked off in favour of the receiving team from the point it crossed out of the boundary.

Other than that... the rules are pretty good.

The CFL is different... in a good way.

I think the no yards rule should be changed a bit.

No yards should ONLY come into effect if the returning team's player actual comes into possession of the ball.

So when you catch the ball on the fly, pick it up off of the ground, etc.

But when there is some incidental contact.. the ball hits someone's foot, or back or head, there should be no 'no yards' call.

Its stupid watching no yards flags fly because someone is within 5 yards of a guy who had the ball bounce off his leg without even him knowing.. its not what the rule was meant to do, which is encourage returns.

I agree 100% with this.

NFL Europe had 4 point field goals if they were kicked from over 50 yards. The Arena league had 4 points for drop kicked field goals, and 2 points for drop kicked converts.

Strangely in one version of Rugby (Rugby League) a place kick is worth 2, but a drop kick is only worth 1.

I think they should just play by aussie rules 8)

The change I would like to see is the automatic 1st down taken out-- the only way the 1st down should be awarded is if the penalty yardage is greater than the yards needed to move the sticks.

That makes sense, but I think roughing the kicker should be an automatic 1st down.

Pass interference needs to be an automatic first down because if you tackle a receiver while the ball is in the air, you're not only robbing him of the completion, but also any yards which they would have gained after the catch, or in the event of interference in the end zone, of a touchdown. A first down on the one-yard line in that instance is not too steep a price to pay for the defence, and smart defenders often take the penalty when it's the only way to prevent a score.

Roughing needs to be an automatic first down because it is the cardinal sin of the CFL rule book. There has to be an extreme price paid for cheap shots and attempts to injure.

I think if we're going to have a discussion on rule changes, we really need to invite Kanga back. :wink: There was a guy who could think outside the box!

On Pass Interference, that should be at the point of the foul.. if its enough yardage for the 1st, then automatic 1st down.

Roughing is a judgement call by the official, so I believe since its a 15 yd penalty, as is RTP, then usually it results in a 1st down being awarded.. there are some instances where it would not.. like the Cal/SK game last week.. especially in OT, everything should be earned, but the Stamps got a free shot at the end zone.. but they still would have needed 7yds for the if it was not an automatic 1st down on the penalty. Even though the Stamps lost yardage on the previous play, that play was nullified by the officials. They bascially decided the game's outcome with the call on Chick.

As for bringing KK back, lets not go there...

I agree! :smiley:

if not, then the CFL should still use some form of the behind rule for the goal posts.

That makes sense, if the offense is penalized by adding yards to where the ball is spotted, then the logical reasoning is to take away ten or so yards if the defense is penalized.

who is Kanga? I think I have met him before in another forum, but I want to make sure.

The one rule that needs to be changed is the no yards rule.
I understand the rule and why it's there but it has to be changed so that once the ball hits the turf the 5 yard halo disappears and it can be downed or the returner can pick it up and see where that gets him, but far too often a player will let the ball bounce and then wait for guys to get close and pick it up quickly for the 5 yard penalty.
The rule should be that while the ball is in the air you have to give the returner a 5 yard halo to make the catch once it hits the ground its fair game to be downed, picked up by the kicker/onside defender, or picked up by the returner (minus the 5 yard halo).
I would rather see a fair catch then a bunch of monkeys standing around a ball waiting for someone to do something with it.

While FC has some advantages, and is less chaotic, fact is it's boring and dumb. I'd rather have no yards than the fair catch.

I agree, why mess up a good thing :roll: :roll:

Good post big Dave........until the Kanga part of it..... :lol: :lol: