rule change, please!

Any team that is inside of 1 yard of a first down, please move the ball back so it's a full one yard. Same as when a team is within one yard of the goal line.

Getting sick of these automatic QB sneak plays! There's no intrigue! The current lack of a rule is DUMB and NOT EXCITING AT ALL!

This year there has been A LOT of qb sneaks stuffed, I often wonder if you ever even watch the games...

I'm watching the Als game right now!!!

So the extra point is hit probably over 99% of the time, do you want them to move the ball back so its a 40 yarder instead?

Ok smarty pants, since you brought it up. I actually prefer seeing an action point that was used in the World Football League in the 1970s. That's the way to do it after a touchdown!

Move the ball back? The offense earned that spot, why on earth should they have to move back? It's up to the D to stop them from getting that close.

You've got to be kidding me! That series of plays being stuffed between Winnipeg and Montreal in the regular season at the goal line was a classic! The offense earned inside of the 1 yard line as well.

Do you want to know the difference? From the 1 yard line teams are usually going to go for it, even on third down. This makes for exciting football. Moving the ball 1 yard from the first down marker at almost anywhere else on the field will result in a punt or field goal attempt, which stalls offensive drives and creates a duller game not a more exciting one.

goes to show that you know dick all. The ball is always placed back to the 1 yard line in cfl. Maybe you have accidently been watching NFL all your life. is a better name for you

After this individual's promotion of injuries to players and his suggestion that another innocent poster may be pedophile friendly I would suggest that nobody respond to him anymore.

There appears to be no give, no recognition of possible error, and an attacking spirit. His ideas to change the CFL game so significantly that it might end up beyond recognition deserve to languish without comment as well- even if in the past I have defended his right to post them.

May we ignore him, please?

Shut it.

Theyre still working on making the CFL 11s and 12s

Just a stab in the dark here... But you spent most of your school career hanging by your underwear from the flag pole...

he must be some goof in the USA who sits at his computer all day long and thinks up these wild ideas.

like seriously, stop trying to re-invent the game and learn to love it for what it is today.

EZ Football Rankings - Just stop, please, just stop.